/EINPresswire.com/ CLISAM, Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting and Movement offers innovative acting classes in the heart of New York City. The comprehensive curriculum provides students with skills to perform with feeling and confidence at a reduced cost for a limited time.

CLISAM trains and develops actors’ and performing artists’ skills so they obtain indispensable experience and gainful employment. A distinctive and thorough curriculum enables performers to widen their skills to perform with feeling, confidence, and intelligence so they may continue to improve outside the studio. Here acting classes include lessons in movement-based theatre techniques, improvisation, performance styles, and essential techniques for film and television. The fall program aims to further develop skills of the performing artist by offering professional development and classes involving the intricacies of comic acting. Of particular interest is the neutral mask course elaborated directly from the pedagogy of one of the namesakes of the studio, Jacques Lecoq.

Acting for the Stage and Screen is a unique course, unavailable anywhere else. It is the fusion of the teachings of two visionary master teachers and performers, Jacques Lecoq and Michael Chekhov, delivered with a contemporary approach by John Charles Murphy, CLISAM’S founder and director. Murphy guides course participants through the psycho-physical groundwork, unique to his studio, that enables them to learn the specialized acting technique for character building and development. The course incorporates physical training with acting technique, expands creative individuality, and by means of structured improvisations, students learn how to compose a performance. With this particular process, they stand to gain a lot more. The course, offered in a set of ten, three-hour sessions, requires students to fully engage their entire person in movement complete with sensations, feelings, motivations, and thoughts to bring creative concepts to fruition and characters to life.

The Neutral Mask, on the other hand, is a course that clarifies what comes before the study of character. This movement-based course teaches students to acquire a keener sense of themselves within an imagined environment and to learn to participate fully in every action they undertake.

For a limited time students can take advantage of a 30% discount on these two courses ($425. for both). Students profit from the fusion of two theatre visionaries which makes for a new and vibrant approach to acting, taught by an inspirational teacher. Murphy helps actors by applying his vast experience and knowledge of the craft of acting and movement in a practical, straightforward and supportive way. This is beneficial for neophytes and working actors alike, whether one is learning audition technique or perfecting a style of performance.

Learn more about acting classes in New York, as well as CLISAM’s free trial workshops, and the upcoming Fall Program at www.clisam.com. To accommodate students who work during daytime hours courses are held on evenings and weekends. Fall courses begin September 18 through 28th. Full details, online registration, and prices are readily available on the website. Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting and Movement, a leading acting and movement school in NYC offers dynamic lessons for professionals and pre-professionals wishing to boost their theatrical training in a personalized, creative, and supportive environment.

Demos are offered periodically throughout the year. To sign up for Free Demo Workshops or for specialized acting classes in New York City actors, directors, dancers, performers, professional and students as well as writers or whosoever is interested in furthering their performance before an audience can send a request by email to [email protected] or call (212) 501-2357.

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