/EINPresswire.com/ Classic Start 8 provides the best of both Windows(R), integrating a traditional Windows(R) 7 style start menu with the new Windows(R) 8 user interface at no cost to users.

Crawler, LLC, a leading innovator of global technology, announces the release of its new no-cost Classic Start 8 software application allowing Windows(R) 7 users to continue using a traditional style start menu within the Microsoft Windows(R) 8 user interface.

Classic Start 8 keeps the familiar form and function of Windows(R) 7 by placing a traditional style start button back in its place along with access to all programs, pinning options, search features and shut down choices. Classic Start 8 simplifies the Windows(R) 8 user experience by maintaining the way users operate Windows(R).

“Classic Start 8 eases the transition to the Windows(R) 8 upgrade by giving users a way to connect to the power, speed and innovation of the new user interface with a minimal learning curve,” stated Robert Ă–sterlund, Founder, Crawler, LLC. “Businesses and personal users moving to Windows(R) 8 can hit the ground running with Classic Start 8.”

Classic Start 8 maintains the placement of the classic Windows(R) style start button and its menu commands eliminating the need for training. Those hesitating to improve their Windows(R) experience with an upgrade to Windows(R) 8 because of its touch input or navigation features, no longer need to delay with Classic Start 8.

Classic Start 8 is now available free for home and business use and can be downloaded from the Classic Start 8 website at www.classicstart8.com and will be available soon at most free download websites.

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