Zabo Foods announces the launch of its liquid Stevia extract, Zabvia.

/ Zabo Foods (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SportsQuest, Inc. (SPQS), announces the upcoming launch of its liquid Stevia extract, Zabvia.

Zabvia is a zero-calorie, low-glycemic liquid sweetener that is 300 times sweeter than table sugar. Derived from the leaf of the Stevia plant, Stevia is used as a sugar replacement for the health- and diet-conscious. Currently, consumer-ready Stevia is processed and marketed in three different formulations: powder, pill, and transparent liquid extract. The powder and pill forms require a base of 93% maltodextrin (corn flour) and 7% Stevia. The body converts maltodextrin into glucose (sugar), negating using the product as a sugar replacement. Zabo Foods’ Stevia extract is 100% organically grown and derived. It differs from other market products in that the only chemical added to the final product is ascorbic acid, an organic compound that raises the extract’s antioxidant level.

Zabvia will be Zabo Foods’ first branded Stevia rollout. “This is the next big thing,” says Rick Sitzer, President of Zabo Foods. “We are currently looking at releasing Zabvia at a lower price than the currently available liquid Stevia products, thanks to very favorable margins under our trade agreement with FDN.”

What Differentiates Zabvia From the Competition?

In order to preserve all the beneficial properties that the Stevia plant possesses, Zabo Foods does not clarify its product or utilize chemicals in its harvesting or transformation processes. Zabo Foods suggests using the recommended amount of Zabvia in order to avoid changes in the foods on which consumers will be using it.
The current sweetener market contains many products that are of synthetic origin, such as aspartame. Some of the known side effects of chemical sweetener use are diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, epilepsy, and diabetes. In contrast, Zabvia is eminently organic and is not mixed with any other sweetener, nor is it of chemical origin.
Also available are a variety of vegetable-based “natural” sweeteners, derived from sources such as sugar cane or corn syrup.

Unfortunately, these “natural” sugar replacements contain calories that are converted by the body into glucose (sugar). Zabvia is a true zero-calorie food and is not absorbed by the body.

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