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While daily habits are largely beneficial to us, if not selective, they can damage the very core of who we are, how we are perceived and impact social/professional acceptance.

One of the main goals at Choices Seminars is to create a safe environment for individuals to take an honest look at their habits and decide if they are really leading them in the directions they want to go in life. The replacement of a habit, with a consciously chosen new one, is a vital step in personal growth and leads to better opportunities in life.

According to the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, humans are biologically prone to habits, they allows us to automatically perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently. In other words, habits allow us to concentrate on important tasks because we are not forced to focus on small decisions which have little impact on our day (i.e. the amount of toothpaste one might squeeze onto the brush).

On the other hand, Dr. Maxwell Maltz says that all of our habits are intrinsically linked to our self image, therefore, they tend to go together and if not conscious about them, our self-esteem could be negatively impacted. Habits do not only impact our present, our future depends on learning new habits and new ways of looking at problems.

Habits must be contentiously examined in order to ensure they work for and not against life personal goals. Choices Seminars believes that in order for an individual to change a habit the first step is to recognize them, this can be more challenging than first thought. For example, what are your habits concerning shaking some one’s hand, public speaking or self-confidence? It is often beneficial for individuals to enter an environment where they receive outside feedback from a neutral party to examine habits. At that point they can decide if it is working in their life or not.


About Choices Seminars:

Choices Seminars is a unique personal-growth program that leads individuals through a journey of visiting past experiences and evaluating current circumstances in order to make new choices for their future (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHoKIAV1kzE). It’s an intense, non-stop, interactive, life changing experience that will challenge, inform and excite participants over five days. For more information on Choices Seminars please see the official website www.ChoicesSeminars.com and follow the Twitter account @ChoicesSeminars.

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