/EINPresswire.com/ Search Academy, the Sydney-based Search Agency, have released their Australian Loans research analysis which has identified a $146M media opportunity for Australian Loans businesses using Google organic search.

Australian businesses have, until now, been left confused and uncertain as to why and how they should invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

For the uninitiated, SEO services involve the configuration of a company’s website and online footprint in such a way to maximise the traffic attracted ‘naturally’ through search engines. Attracting traffic ‘naturally’ as opposed to paying for the traffic through Google Adwords or via an associated media agency.

The problem with SEO stems from not understanding the value of the investment and how to get access to the traffic in the most cost effective and low risk manner. Many SEO service providers promise they have some otherwise unobtainable guru insight or they sell large-scale link buying services that Google battle in their ongoing efforts against spam.

Thanks to a specialist SEO firm based in Sydney, these issues may be a thing of the past. Using ground breaking new technology called GlassHat, Search Academy say they are able to determine the size of opportunity for a particular category and identify which particular SEO activities a business should focus on in order to obtain the desired results.

In the first of a series of research articles, Search Academy has released their Australian Loans analysis. The results are intriguing, for instance many businesses in the category may not realise there is approximately three times the traffic opportunity available through SEO than paying Google directly for the clicks. Familiar brands that enjoy the lions share of this traffic include Westpac and Commbank, however lesser known brands to the public who capture a lot of value include Cashfirst among others. Other insights include that ‘debt consolidation’ contributes keywords that have the highest value per click and the average Australian searches for a loan worth $5,000 over a 3 to 10 year period.

Matt Collis, Founder and CEO of Search Academy explains “The challenge we heard time and time again from businesses is that they don’t understand the value of the opportunity from SEO and what they should focus on to take advantage of it. We discovered that these same businesses were very receptive to robust data collection and statistical modelling as a source to help them make this decision. The reason we chose to publish the data is that most businesses in Australia are missing out on the opportunity and the only thing stopping them is getting no nonsense actionable insights into what they can do about it. GlassHat is the world’s only platform to do this across all facets of SEO including link building, content writing, social media and on page metrics. We are proud of the fact we are servicing the Australian economy at such an exciting time when more business is transacted online than ever before”.

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