/EINPresswire.com/ A new car insurance comparison website has recently launched and is already getting a lot of traffic from car insurance shoppers. In its first 10 days after its initial release the new website has a ready gathered over 20,000 views, and has reportedly processed over 15,000 inquiries for car insurance comparisons.

“We have been in this business for a long time,” says Charles Wright, co-owner of Car Insurance Select. “The Internet has completely changed the dynamic of searching for car insurance. Shoppers are getting smarter, and they expect rapid results when they go online to look for deals. Our website is specifically tailored to cater to those types of shoppers. I believe this is why our website has been so popular since its initial release.”

Indeed, according to a recent report, car insurance comparison software has become so advanced that shoppers can get car insurance quotes within seconds of landing on a website. “Gone are the days of having to dodge pushy salespeople when searching for car insurance,” says Philip Baldy, director of marketing for Car Insurance Select. “Online shopping means that shoppers are now in the driver seat and they can contact car insurance companies with their competitor’s information in hand. This gives them extraordinary leverage when bargaining for car insurance quotes.”

The website has also done away with requesting personal information before providing quotes and side-by-side comparisons. In the past shoppers had to provide personal information such as their address or credit card number but today advanced software allows them to simply enter their zip code. Within seconds they are shown a side-by-side comparison of all the most reputable car insurance can they needs in their area.

In addition to the lists of companies in an area that the website provides, car insurance select also maintains a learning center to educate their readership on the ins and outs of searching for car insurance. To learn more about car insurance select, please visit: http://www.carinsuranceselect.net

About Car Insurance Select:

Car Insurance Select was launched in December of 2012 with the express intent to provide shoppers with non-invasive car insurance quotes within seconds of them landing on the website. So far the new site has seen over 20,000 visitors in their first 10 days online and that number is expected to increase as they close out their first month. Market professionals predict that the website will be one of the most popular car insurance comparison websites as they move into 2013.