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A significant number of Houston motorcycle accidents result in fatalities or serious injuries. It is important for motorcyclists as well as motorists in other vehicles to understand their role in motorcycle safety for their own protection and to protect others on the road.

Motorcycle accidents are not always caused by errors on the part of motorcyclists. Many of these types of accidents are attributed to drivers failing to show regard for the rights of motorcyclists in the same manner that they would drivers of other vehicles. Motorcyclists have a responsibility to do their part and practice safe driving habits; however, motorists are also responsible for respecting the rights of all drivers no matter the size or type of their vehicle. The following are tips for motorcyclists and motorists in practicing safer, more responsible driving habits on the road:

-Motorcyclists and motorists should not attempt to ride parallel in the same lane.

-Motorists should travel behind motorcyclists at a safe distance, keeping in mind that motorcycles are apt come to stops more quickly.

-Motorcyclists should avoid traveling in inclement weather, particularly in cases where they may be less visible to other drivers.

-Motorcyclists and other motorists should never fail to use turn signals when changing lanes, or making turns.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can provide those who become injured in a motorcycle accident with legal representation for damages they may have incurred as a result in addition to answering any legal questions they may have pertaining to their case or motorcycle accident safety.

The Houston motorcycle accident attorneys of 1800 Car Wreck can provide individuals who have been involved in a Houston motorcycle accident, and would like to assess their legal options, with a free evaluation of their case.

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