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Florida – An autopsy has revealed that the winner of a roach-eating contest who died shortly after winning choked on bug body parts. As reported by The Miami Herald, the South Florida man, Eddie Archbold, 32, died after beating out more than 30 other contestants in the contest by consuming and choking on the bug parts and his own vomit.

Bill Kern, a University of Florida entomologist, is quoted in the report as stating in speculation of what could have led to Archbold’s vomiting following the contest, “If he was eating discoids, that’s a big insect… When you bite into it, you’re going to get a gush of fat bodies, the gut content and the hemolymph — essentially insect blood. As you bite down, that’s going to put pressure on the exoskeleton, so when it’s ruptured, it’s going to squirt.”

The bug-eating contest was the first one to be held by Ben Siegel Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, the reptile store which hosted it Oct. 6.

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