/EINPresswire.com/ BroadcastAZ to provide work experience through an internship program, connectivity to global networks for potential broadcast opportunities, and transmit live shot HD broadcasts from Liberty High School’s Media Center in the Peoria Unified School District.

The Peoria Unified School District and BroadcastAZ announce a Private-Public Partnership for the Media Educational Program. Under the Private-Public Partnership, it is expected that BroadcastAZ’s role will be to provide work experience through an internship program, connectivity to global networks for potential broadcast opportunities and book live shot HD broadcasts that would be shot at Liberty High School’s Media Center.

“By partnering across the Peoria Unified School District, this strategic alliance will help us leverage our resources through an effective internship program and ensure that training programs for advanced media careers provide the skills, certifications and credentials that employers like major network affiliate television stations and corporate communications professionals want to see from day one,” said Douglas Collins, director of sales and marketing for BroadcastAZ, a Broadcast USA Company.

“I have been meeting with kids and we are getting excited to the opportunities presented by BroadcastAZ for this very special educational partnership. This will be ground-breaking and real authentic learning for our kids!” said Rick Johnson of Liberty High School. “As one of my young kids said today when we told them of all the support and exciting things ahead…”It is time to Rock and Roll!” We are ready to move our educational partnership forward.”

BroadcastAZ worked in conjunction with the Liberty High School Media Program administrators to accomplish five primary objectives on this project: train the students in the newest HD robotic camera systems; provide on-the-job training for HD Live Shots and green screen in a real world studio setting; to introduce the newest broadcast technology including the NewTek TriCaster 855 Professional Switcher and the RoboPrompter teleprompting system; to familiarize students with the newest broadcast and telecommunication technologies which today have produced HD Video-Over-Internet-Protocol; and finally, to employ sustainable practices to meet or exceed training requirements for the various skill sets that these students will need in order to enter the broadcast industry work force.

“Increasing the private sector’s role in education may have several potential advantages over traditional public delivery of education. When implemented correctly, the private sector can increase efficiency and choice, and expand access to education services,” said Susan Nolan of the World Bank. “The concept of a public-private partnership (PPP) recognizes the existence of alternative options for providing education services besides public finance and public delivery. Governments around the world are exploring different ways to involve the private sector in providing education.”

About the Peoria Student Broadcast Network
Peoria Student Broadcast Network is the state’s first student-led, district-wide program where media production students put their skills to real-life application. Students write, film, produce, edit and package district sporting events, educational opportunities and commercials that will stream online and on the district’s education channel 99.

Peoria Unified School District, located in the West Valley, serves more than 36,000 students in 32 elementary schools, 7 high schools and one alternative school. With ongoing open enrollment and alternative educational opportunities, the District boasts a 93 percent high school graduation rate. Peoria Unified is one of the largest unified school districts in Arizona and prides itself on excelling schools, award-winning teachers, high AIMS test scores, specialized signature programs and championship sports programs. The Vision of the Peoria Unified School District is “Every student, every day, prepared to meet tomorrow.”

About BroadcastAZ
BroadcastAZ provides live shot services to markets including breaking news, financial industries, publicly traded company communication with financial analysts, annual meetings and shareholder media advisories, along with satellite media tours.

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition, Anamorphic High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline to the Azzurro HD Hub in New York City. The signal is then available to more than 200 major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN and global networks as well. Studio A is for live shots or ‘talking head’ broadcasts while Studio B is a fully equipped, 1200 sq.ft. HD studio for up to 8 HD camera shoots with the TriCaster 855 Professional Switcher, the RoboPrompter teleprompter and green screen.

Our free standing, 2000+ square foot studio facility is located at 10755 East Cactus Road, Scottsdale, AZ. More information can be found at our website at http://www.BroadcastAZ.com

To contact BroadcastAZ, email Douglas Collins at [email protected]

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