Well-known mountaineer and successful businessman, William Mathews Brooks SanFrancisco has partnered with Insotect Flow™ insulation systems to provide mountaineers with the ultimate in comfortable Brooks-Range sleeping bags.

/EINPresswire.com/SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Known for offering quality outdoor gear, the Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment company announces the adoption of Insotect Flow™ technology. This brand new partnership will incorporate Insotect Flow™ insulation system for a range of sleeping bags, beginning in 2013.

Started by a well-known mountaineer from SanFrancisco William Mathews Brooks; Brooks-Range prides itself on delivering quality outdoor equipment to professional and amateur mountaineers.

“We’re very excited to be integrating the Insotect Flow™ insulation system as a core component within our sleeping bags. We’re committed to providing backcountry travelers with the best quality gear and this partnership is yet another step in the right direction” said William Mathews Brooks (http://brooks-range.com/)

The Insotect Flow™ insulation system will be adopted by Brooks-Range within the Cloak sleeping bag lineup which includes the Cloak 15, Cloak 30 & Cloak 45. Insotect Flow™ has quickly become a coveted ingredient in high quality sleeping bags.

“We believe the Brooks Range Cloak Sleeping Bag is one of the best quality bags available and is designed to be a lightweight sleeping system. The sleeping bag is scientifically tested and the use of the new Insotect Flow™ insulation system helps ensure the user receives the perfect amount of warmth, depending on their weight. It’s also water resistant and is the perfect companion for a keen mountaineer,” urged Brooks.

William Mathews Brooks SanFrancisco is well known in adventuring circles for his passion for the outdoors. As an avid climber, mountaineer and alpinist, Brooks found the available equipment to be inadequate and often much too cumbersome to be used effectively. This discovery in 1995 led to Brooks putting his inventive mind to work and coming up with alternative solutions such as the Emergency Rescue Sled and the Ski Guide Cards that filled a distinct gap in the market.

Since then, Brooks and his company have continued to innovate and provide top quality backcountry gear and mountaineering equipment to thousands of customers. With the help of “word of mouth” recommendations, William Mathews Brooks SanFrancisco has got more than 95 percent of the professional market cornered with Brooks-Range equipment. Now the company is quickly making forays into the consumer marketplace with quality outdoor gear for backcountry travelers.

About William Mathews Brooks:
William Mathews Brooks is an avid mountain guide, climber and alpinist and the founder of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment Co. A multi-award winning adventurer, Brooks is also a passionate sailor. Brooks-Range is a leading supplier of a variety of unique and inventive mountaineering equipment for alpinists, backcountry travelers and professional mountain and ski guides.

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