12/07/2012 // Hartford, CT, USA // cttriallawyers // Neil Ferstand // (press release)

The Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (“CTLA”) recently concluded its Winter Warmer Drive to benefit needy children under the custody or supervision of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”). Several CTLA attorneys represent Respondent parents and children in DCF proceedings. CTLA President, Michael Walsh noted, “CTLA recognizes that most of these children have been through multiple traumas throughout their young lives. As the weather changes, many families are struggling to get by and have to make difficult financial choices.”

CTLA’s Women’s Caucus spearheaded the donation drive and collected over $6,000.00 of new winter coats, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves, as well as some gently used items. As a result of the drive, CTLA was able to provide DCF with over 500 coats, snow suits, gloves and other outerwear. Walsh noted, “It is our hope that the Winter Warmer project will be of assistance to the young children and families that are beneficiaries of the donated clothing.”

Donor List – CTLA Women’s Caucus Winter Warmer Drive

Adelman, Hirsch and Connors

Advocates Law Firm/Ron Murphy

Pamela Cameron, Esq.

Caspar & DeToledo

Coles, Baldwin & Kaiser

Conway and Londegran

D’Amico, Griffin & Pettinicchi

David Cooney, Esq.

David Rosen & Associates

Donovan and Morello

Dzialo, Pickett and Allen, P.C.

Emmett and Glander

Garrison, Levin, Epstein, Richardson, Fitzgerald and Pirrotti

Jacobs and Dow

Jonathan Einhorn, Esq.

Kennedy, Johnson, D’Elia and Gillolly, LLC

Kenny, O’Keefe and Usseglio

Koskoff, Koskoff and Beider

Law Offices of Paul Brozdowski

Law Offices of Lewis Chimes

Law Offices of Jennifer M. Celentano, LLC

Law Offices of Jessica Meigher, PLLC

Leslie McPadden, Esq.

Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante

Moore, O’Brien, Yelenak & Foti

Moukawasher and Walsh

The Honorable Maureen Keegan

The Reardon Law Firm

RisCassi and Davis, P.C.

David Rosen and Associates, P.C.

Silver, Golub and Teitell

Skyers and Skyers, P.C.

The Mills Law Firm

Martha Triplett, Esq.

Andrea Truppa, Esq.

Ury & Moskow

Vincenzo Gallo, Esq.

Wofsey Rosen Kweskin &Kuriansky, P.C.

Winter Warmer Volunteers

Marisa Bellair

Cindy Bott

Kathy Brandt

Pam Cameron

Jennifer Celentano

Joyce Chen

Karen Clark

Maryann Connors

Brendan Faulkner

Kristen Kenny

Deborah McKenna

Leslie McPadden

Kathleen Nastri

Rosemarie Paine

Nina Pirrotti

Kelly Reardon

Betty Ann Rogers

Sylvia Rutkowska

Sharon Skyers

Mary-Kate Smith

Victoria De Toledo

Martha Triplett

Andrea Truppa

Trish Welch

Maureen Williams

Eamonn Wisneski

If you would like to learn more about the Winter Warmer Drive and other programs please contact CTLA at 860 522-4345.

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