Father’s House Tours Teach the Bible in the Context of Israel

/EINPresswire.com/ Dallas, TX – July 13, 2012 “Father’s House Educational Foundation is proud to support the Hannah House in its ministry to the needs of un-wed mothers. We have supported this wonderful ministry for several years, and with your support look forward to supporting them for years to come,” says Byron Stinson, Founder of the FHEF.

Hannah House’s mission is to reach out to teens and young women in a crisis, pregnancy situation; to provide an alternative to abortion such as adoption or parenting; to develop better decision-making, life, and parenting skills; to further education; to build stronger belief and understanding of the family; to glorify God and share His word and answers for today’s world.

Gary and Glennis Woodall are the founding directors of Promiseland Ministries and Hannah House Maternity Home. Glennis and Gary started the ministry by God’s leading in 1999 after many years of working with teens and pregnant women in need. They also currently serve as our houseparents and live at Hannah House.

Danielle, a beneficiary of the loving care and services at Hannah House, says, “I came to Hannah House and when Mrs. Glennis opened the door she immediately welcomed me with a hug, and right then I knew this place was for me. Mrs. Glennis and I talked about my life. She has never judged me or my past, but we both knew I had a lot of growing up to do, especially if I wanted to make a life for my son and this child.”

Hannah House is a place for hope and love to come together as each girl seeks God’s plan for her life and the wisdom to make good choices for herself and her unborn child. Hannah House welcomes young women ages 13-29 years old who have no other children living with them.

The Father’s House Educational Foundation is thrilled to partner with life-changing organizations like Hannah House. A non-profit 501c3 organization, the Father’s House exists to encourage the people of God by supporting ministries actively helping people in need and by creating educational experiences that teach biblical truth in the context of the Bible’s land and culture. Father’s House offers group educational journeys to Israel as well as grants for church leaders to experience the Lord’s land for a greatly reduced price.

For more information about the Father’s House Educational Foundation, and how to travel to Israel on an educational journey, visit
www.fathershousefoundation.com or contact John Turner at [email protected] or 817-881-6577.