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The annual Crans Montana Forum on Africa & South-South Cooperation will take place at the Hotel le Plaza, Brussels (Belgium) on March 6 to 9, 2013.

As every year, this event will bring together Heads of State and Government, Ministers, International Organisations, MPs and Businesses from around the World, but more particularly from Africa, the Arab world, Central Asia, South America and the Far East.

The Programme is available on www.cmf.ch

Amongst the key topics to be addressed :

•Africa is entering a 21st Century made of challenges and changes : (1) security upheavals in the Sahelo-Saharan zone and (2) decisive democratic changes
•Africa, key partner of the South-South Cooperation: (1) economic development and (2) global integration
•Transparent management of (1) Public affairs and (2) Natural resources: improving the corporate policies of groups dealing with the Continent
•Foreign direct investment : a question of credibility, stability and confidence
•The management of Energy resources and the creation of a sustainable framework for Economic development

Three exceptional events will take place on the occasion of this Forum :

The meeting of the CMF Club of African Ports

•Maritime Industry in Africa, Globalisation and the role of Foreign investment :
how to keep control over Development and avoid short term speculation
•Modernisation and competitiveness of African Ports : the key to the Hinterland’s economic development

For more information on CMF Club of African Ports : http://cmf.ch/club-of-ports

The Forum of New Leaders for Tomorrow

•Are today’s African upheavals a real source of hope for Youth?
•The digital revolution at the heart of unprecedented changes

For more information on the CMF New Leaders : http://cmf.ch/new-leaders

Crans Montana Women’s Forum
Fighting Poverty & Child Malnutrition

•How to put an end to the daily disaster of Child malnutrition ?
•Food Security and the new threats on Africa : soaring prices of agricultural products, structural underinvestment, contraction of Foreign Aid, corruption and hazardous management of Arable lands
•The Key role of Women in shaping and implementing the right policies

About the Crans Montana Forum :

The Crans Montana Forum is an International Organization, Swiss owned and managed, whose importance and prestige have been well-established since 1986. It is formally recognized by all major International Organizations.

Its philosophy is lies in its motto: “Committed to a more Humane and Impartial World”. The Crans Montana Forum works for the promotion of international cooperation and contributes to global growth while ensuring a high level of stability, equity and security.

Many Forums are organized worldwide the year long (Brussels, Baku, Vienna, Geneva, Crans-Montana, Bucharest, Zagreb, Roma, Sarajevo, Tirana, Athens, Malta, Bahrain etc…) and represent unique occasions for Businesses and Government Officials to implement their strategies, strengthen their relationship with their partners, meet with potential ones and build new cooperation opportunities.

Thus, the Crans Montana Forum works in close cooperation with institutional partners such as the UN, UNESCO, UNIDO, ISESCO, NATO, the European Union, the Council of Europe, OPEC-Fund … and with all major international Companies.

For more information : www.cmf.ch

Contact : [email protected]