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Everyone likes to save money, but few people take the time to go after something as simple as promo codes. MoneyNing.com is releasing Verizon FiOs promo codes that are always up to date and guaranteed to work. Bundle deals from Verizon FiOs are one of the most popular coupons on the website.

“When I find a promo code, I’ll immediately put it on my website for people to take advantage,” Founder David Ning said. “Verizon wants you to use these codes, so I make them available to the masses.”

Ning scours the Internet and other sources for all available promotion codes, analyzes, verifies and finally posts them to his website, MoneyNing.com. The promo codes are an easy way to save cash on Verizon Broadband Services with Verizon FiOs TV + FiOs Internet.

It doesn’t matter if they are new or existing customers, reading through the blog and looking over the promo codes that are updated regularly could result in a discounted rate on Internet or cable television.

“I personally take the time to make sure each of the codes I put on the site are valid and in working order,” Ning said. “I never hold any promo codes back, and publish them as soon as they have gone through my vetting process.”

Many of the Verizon FiOs promo codes require activiation of the service and have expiration dates, so it’s important that people taking advantage of it commit to the service when they find the deal. If they don’t, then they could lose the discount.

Some of the more popular discounts include Triple Play bundle discounts with a $300 gift card, codes for Internet and stand alone deals with no term contracts and many more.

With the nation reeling from a economic downturn and suffering from rampant unemployment, people need to save money more than ever. A quick peek at MoneyNing.com can lead to significant savings for existing services as well as new ones.

“This is just one of many ways I give back to my readers,” Ning said. “My goal is to save them money any way I can.”

For more information about the Verizon FiOs promo codes and deals, visit MoneyNing.com. To schedule an interview or to find out more information about MoneyNing.com, contact Ning at [email protected] or call him at (714) 261-1980.

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