/EINPresswire.com/ New York dental practice Smile in the City is offering patients a way to instantly lighten gums through advanced laser gum-bleaching treatments.

Smile in the City Dental Group has good news for patients embarrassed by dark gums: A bright, beautiful smile is moments away. Via advanced gum-bleaching laser treatments administered by Dr. Joseph Zelig, D.D.S., the practice can now lighten dark spots on gums in an instant. What’s more, the healing process is so fast, most patients don’t even require post-procedure medications or painkillers.

“Countless patients have commented to me that having dark gums has been a long-term concern of theirs, something they felt was genetic and unchangeable. They just didn’t know that treatment options were available,” says Dr. Zelig. “The most frustrating thing is that many people, including dentists, are not aware that these new cosmetic treatments will safely and painlessly remove dark spots, leaving patients with beautiful, pink gums.”

Dr. Zelig, a periodontist, is one of only a handful of Board Certified gum specialists who are trained in this specialty procedure. In the gum-bleaching process, he utilizes new dental lasers that target and activate the color-producing cells in a patient’s gums, called melanocytes, to immediately lighten gums.

During the week after the minimally invasive procedure, a patient’s gums continue to mature into natural, pink areas, which blend in nicely with adjacent gums. While this procedure provides what Dr. Zelig calls “beautiful results with minimal discomfort” and is meant to be permanent, touch-ups are common over time. What’s also common is the relief patients feel at finally ridding themselves of embarrassing, unattractive gum lines.

“The bottom line is that patients are glad that minimally invasive treatments are available and are thrilled with the results,” Dr. Zelig says.

About Smile in the City: Smile in the City (http://www.smileinthecity.com) is a Manhattan-based dental practice dedicated to providing the best in cosmetic dentistry. Patients receive the latest in laser dental procedures and periodontal treatments from a top Manhattan cosmetic dentist.

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