/EINPresswire.com/ Wisdom Education: As Wisdom is Super Mature Emotional Intelligence we can Combine and Cross-Reference Their Knowledge.

“Wisdom education is simply about taking the emotional healing to a new super mature mind level; it is about making a normal mind super normal”

It has now been well established that emotional intelligence is as important as regular intelligence; yet there is very little enthusiasm about teaching emotional intelligence. Institutions are not rushing in to start emotional intelligence education. The reasons for this neglect of emotional intelligence education are obvious. Teaching emotional intelligence has proven to be very frustratingly impossible. So there is a lot of talk of the essential need for emotional intelligence education and yet little effort is made to even research to find ways to teach it.

The reason why emotional intelligence education is a failure is because we have little clue to the true nature of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an innate property of the physical brain. In order to improve emotional intelligence the physical brain has to be improved. No wonder trying to teach emotional intelligence just like we teach regular math and science does not work as the physically ignorant brain continues to produce ignorance. It is like pouring fresh water into a glass that is producing its own stale water. The fresh water becomes dirty too.

Most emotional intelligence experts have ignored the fact that emotional intelligence at the super mature stage is none other than wisdom. Wisdom is not even considered a topic of science. Wisdom is considered to be a matter for Philosophy. If we compare the knowledge on wisdom and emotional intelligence we will see that wisdom is none other than super mature emotional intelligence.

As wisdom is super mature emotional intelligence we can combine and cross-reference their knowledge. Wisdom is selflessness, which means wisdom is the pure self. The pure self is a self-image less self. In science terms the self image is formed by the emotional baggage in the brain. So by removing the emotional baggage from the brain, we will be making the brain wise. Thus in order to make the brain emotionally super mature we need brain therapy to remove the emotional baggage.

Selflessness is the power that generates wisdom. Thus in order to become wise one has to become selfless. Becoming selfless means being free of one’s own self image. It is very clear to me that wisdom is a compound where all its individual attributes/ingredients have in them all the other attributes of wisdom. Each attribute boils down to wisdom. Wisdom is an all entity where each attribute of wisdom is biochemically compounded to every other attribute of wisdom. They all come together in a single unit of wisdom. For example love also contains all the other attributes of wisdom like respect, caring, sacrifice etc. However the chief property that makes love pure is selflessness. Selfless love is pure love. Again selfless caring is wisdom. Selfless sacrifice is wisdom. Selflessness is wisdom. So it will not be wrong to figure out/assume that by creating selflessness we will be creating wisdom. Selflessness is known, understood and definable within the paradigm of science! Selflessness can be taught as a pure science subject; just like math and science.

In light of the fact that wisdom is an innate part of human nature that is present in all normal brains, we must make every effort to make available to all students wisdom education.

We must take all the current knowledge available that focuses on emotional healing of the brain/mind. Currently psychologists and psychiatrists focus only on curing mentally disturbed patients. We must create a new curriculum that focuses on creating super mature emotionally intelligent brains. Our current focus is on making abnormal brains normal; the focus of these brain coaches will be on making so called normal brains into super brains.

The current training/education of psychiatrists and psychologists is about emotional healing. Wisdom education is also about emotional healing; only the focus is different. So the basic curriculum for creating wisdom coaches will be the same.

A text book on wisdom education/ wisdom coach training program will have the following chapters.

a) A full chapter explaining the goals of wisdom education, starting with a scientific definition of wisdom. Please google: EIN Presswire – Wisdom.
www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/wisdom-257845.phpwisdom ein presswire’.

b) A chapter on human nature. Topics like ‘womb-conditioning’ and ‘womb-reality’. Please google ‘human nature by sajid khan’.

c) A chapter on the brain and mind, the difference between them and how they work. Please google: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=difference%20between%20brain%20and%20mind&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&ved=0CDgQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbrainwizard.wordpress.com%2Farticle%2Fknowing-the-difference-between-the-2whdi0jnjfq1x-355%2F&ei=kH3IUNivKYew0QHVoYCACQ&usg=AFQjCNFNp7yOnqq-a9_zcI9CKzVmEPax3g&bvm=bv.1354675689,d.dmQkhan’.

d) A chapter on the self image, the real self and how to become the pure self. Please google; ‘https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CDYQFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbrainwizard.wordpress.com%2Farticle%2Fself-image-therapy-2whdi0jnjfq1x-1284%2F&ei=qnvIUOCiD-6n0AG74IGICw&usg=AFQjCNHG4qyi8VQ7ScR1cQyGbhN599mepA&sig2=W9JzRBnxSuHcxpcY9NDU8Q&bvm=bv.1354675689,d.dmQ image therapy by sajid khan’

e) A chapter on upbringing. Please google, ‘The key to wisdom by sajid khan’.

f) A chapter on the quantifying the mind. Please read my knol ‘practical applications of quantifying the mind’ and my invention ‘EIQ Tests by sajid khan’ (Please forgive me for this phony title; ‘EIQ Tests’ are not my invention).

g) There will be actual exercises like the following:

1) Quantify the bottom line of your brain/mind level. Exercises that reveal how much of the mind is controlled by the brain.
2) Exercises to know exactly how much of your true self is cloaked in your self image.
3) Exercises that reveal the differences between how you perceive your Actual Reality and Personal Reality. And how the two can be brought on to the same page. Including the formula for success. Please google, ‘Success and Failure by sajid khan’.
4) Know how to quantify the range of your possibilities. Quantify the range of your dreams and expectations. Quantify the range of your actual knowledge/preparedness for the task at hand.
5) Find out your self image in actual reality terms. Quantify your self image.
6) Quantify/analyze the average mind of an American/some particular person.
7) Quantify your behavior when you are angry/happy.
8) Quantify the wisdom of your politician.
9) Quantify the mind level of your spouse/some one else.
10) Quantify any given situation. Analyze and quantify all the whys and hows of your behavior; emotional and physical.
11) Look at your brain as an outsider. What do you like about it? What you want to change about it? Learn how to change what you don’t like. Please read my knols related to this topic.
12) Write an assay about your entire life with your brain/mind at -2, -1, +1 and +2 levels respectively. Find out the emotional and material cost of living at each of these levels.
13) Quantify hypothetical or any real problems you may have. How will -2, -1, +1 and +2 minds react/act to take care of the situation.
14) What action you need to take to get your child/spouse/rival to get them to act from +2 mind level?
15) Learn how you can change your group/country to become +2.
16) Learn why America is America, why India is India. Learn the brain/mind level of African leaders. Learn to connect the economic level to the brain level of countries/groups/individuals.
17) Each student will take a wisdom test to determine his brain/mind level. This test will be similar to the test in my knol, ‘Senator McCain or Senator Obama?’.
18) Students will be taught to focus on real issues and not trophy issues automatically by actualizing their true self. They will be shown how to optomize their true brain power.
19) They will be taught brain power exercises. Please read my knol, ‘Brain Power Exercises’.
20) The list of exercises goes on and on where we not only have to analyze all our given/learned and developed potential we will have to develop it to the highest +2 level possible by quantifying our potential and finding the gap that needs to be filled to make our brain sprout wisdom.
21) There will be actual ‘brain garbage’ cleaning exercises. Please google, ‘self image therapy by sajid khan’.

Brain coaches will be trained in the above curriculum along with the regular knowledge of how they can take out emotional baggage from the brain. So wisdom education will consist of knowledge of traditional emotional healing with all of the above.

We must realize that wisdom education is not only a necessity it is a goal that is no longer fuzzy. It is within our reach and just as essential and just as real as math and science. It consists of cleaning the brain of all emotional baggage. There is nothing fuzzy about the brain. The brain is a real organ. It is a very real part of our human body. There is enough knowledge out there that the brain is even today being nursed back to normal health physically and emotionally. Wisdom education is simply taking the emotional healing to a new super mature mind level.

“Wisdom education is simply about taking the emotional healing to a new super mature mind level; it is about making a normal mind super normal”

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