/EINPresswire.com/ In a recent interview PHCC Plumbing Contractor of the Year – Mary Jean Anderson of Anderson, Plumbing Heating & Air reveals how they grew their plumbing business from $5M in 2007 to over $11M in 2012.

In a recent interview on the Plumbing Marketing Profits Podcast the PHCC Plumbing Contractor of the Year – Mary Jean Anderson of Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air reveals how she grew her plumbing and HVAC business from $5 Million to over $11 Million in annual revenue over the past 5 years.

Anderson said “We’re double digit profits, and I’m not bragging about that. I’m just saying that it can be done. I’m not trying to throw out that but it can be done. Anybody can do it because, believe me, there is nothing that; I’m not a genius, I’m just a hard worker and average intelligence, but it can be done if you put the energy into it. This year, I think we are going to be at about 5 million in heating and air conditioning, about 6.2 in plumbing as we end out the year.”

She credits a lot of her success to having a diverse marketing mix including Branding, Internet Marketing, eMail Marketing, Radio, TV, Community Involvement, Public Relations and the Yellow Pages.

Josh Nelson initiated the interview asking her to hone in on her Market, Message & Media. He explained “When it comes to Marketing for Plumbers, I feel like any marketing plan has three core fundamentals. The market (who is your target market), the message (what makes you unique/different) and then the Media (how you get that message to your target market). So many plumbing business owners that engage in plumber marketing miss the first two. They want to skip directly to media – direct mail, YellowPages, Internet, etc”

Anderson held nothing back and explained their target market, unique selling proposition and the specific marketing media that works best for them. “For us, we do radio and television, but everything we do, we drive people to the Internet to get to our Web site. Our main source of revenue comes through the Internet. She elaborated that her internet strategy included SEO, Social Media, PR, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Paid Online Directory Advertising. A major portion of her online leads come from Angies list. She said “Our closing percentage is 83% but on Angie’s List. our closing percentage is 88%, and our average is almost $100 dollars higher on an Angie’s List customer versus the regular customer.”

Rather than just sticking with one or two marketing channels (Yellow Pages, Internet, Etc) like most Plumbing Businesses she has diversified her marketing mix and has grown to be one of the most productive and profitable plumbing businesses in the United States.

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