/EINPresswire.com/ German automaker shows commitment to smart fuel consumption and the environment with fuel savvy vehicles.

Larry Roesch Volkswagen is proud to continue to carry vehicles with some of the market’s best fuel ratings. Not only are they helping to save drivers more money on fuel, but their also helping to leave less of an environmental impact. Volkswagen has had a strong recent commitment to sustainability, and not only in its vehicles, but also in its plants.

The seven models included in Volkswagen’s count of vehicles with fuel efficiency ratings of 40 mpg and over include:

•The Beetle TDI and the Beetle Convertible TDI, both w/ manual transmission

•The Golf TDI w/ automatic and manual transmission

•The Jetta TDI w/ automatic and manual transmission

•The Jetta Sportswagen TDI w/ automatic and manual transmission

•The Passat TDI w/ automatic and manual transmission

•The Jetta Hybrid

The recently released Jetta Hybrid model is the second Hybrid release behind the Touareg Hybrid model. The new Jetta can reach a highway fuel economy of 48mpg. Engine power still remains high with a power output of 170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

To prove the Jetta Hybrid’s mettle, Volkswagen recently hosted its first annual “Think Blue World Championship.” 18 of the best drivers around the globe competed for the best fuel efficiency rating while driving the Jetta Hybrid on a 402 mile course through California. The winner, Frank Zauft, achieved an average range of 49.9 mpg, an impressive feat even by hybrid standards.

The Jetta Hyrbid’s different driving modes help it to maximize fuel economy while swiftly driving through different terrain and situations. From busy city streets, to clear highways and freeways, the Jetta Hybrid adapts to the calling of the road.

Volkswagen’s “Think Blue” initiative spans from developing more eco-efficient vehicles, resource conservation in Volkswagen production facilities, as well as social programs that promote car sharing. “Think Blue” has also given Volkswagen the chance to cooperate with other organizations throughout the world to create more sustainable practices.

Drivers interested in learning more about any of Volkswagen’s fuel efficient models should contact a member of the sales team at Larry Roesch Volkswagen by calling 1-630-860-0400. Located at 313 West Grand Avenue, in Bensenville, Larry Roesch VW continues to be one of the area’s most trusted Volkswagen dealerships.