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Health is the most Googled topic on the Internet, but consumers often have a difficult time identifying a site that can address all of their health questions and concerns. Recognizing that health deserves its own independent, national 24/7 conduit Chicago based RadioMD, LLC -headed up by broadcast veterans Tim Disa, Sr. and Tim Disa, Jr. have launched RadioMD.com. Unlike other health websites in existence, RadioMD.com provides consumers with the timely health information they need in audio form; helping them make informed decisions about health, wellness, nutrition, medicine, the body, mind, and general well-being.

“We provide vital health and wellness content in spoken word form. Produced in a talk radio, easy-to-listen-to, conversational style. Our shows feature top guests and experts in the world of health and medicine to help consumers understand every day health issues as well as complex medical conditions,” according to Tim Disa, Sr., founder of RadioMD.com. “Our focus is on staying healthy; staying strong; living a more happy and healthful life to be and feel your best,” added Disa, Sr.

To provide the content to educate listeners, RadioMD has teamed up with some of the top medical and wellness partners and organizations, such as medical media super star Michael Roizen, MD, a widely recognized health expert who gained national prominence as the writing and business partner of Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz). Dr. Roizen is co-author of the “YOU the Owner’s Manual” series of best-selling books and the chief wellness officer at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. He hosts a weekly radio show on RadioMD.com, “YOU The Owner’s Manual Radio Show,” which RadioMD also nationally syndicates to broadcast radio across the country.

Other expert talk hosts on RadioMD.com include Melanie Cole, MS; Dr. David Friedman; Christopher Springmann; Dr. Decker Weiss; Dr. Holly Lucille; Lisa Davis, MPH CMC; and David Pollock, ranked one of the “20 to Know” by Global Cosmetics Industry.

RadioMD.com has existing partnerships with the American Academy of Pediatrics, producing the weekly interactive talk show about kids’ health issues known as “Healthy Children.” RadioMD.com has also partnered with and produces shows in conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine as well as the American College of Emergency Physicians.

“We believe that there is not only a ready audience for our programming, but a real need to provide information to our primary audience of women in the 25-49 age group; generally recognized as the family’s health providers. Health and wellness are topics of keen interest by our core audience and beyond, and they will be attracted to the products and services that complement this area, especially in this on-demand, on-the-go world where just about everyone has a smartphone, iPad or other digital “listening” device,” noted Tim Disa. Jr.,General Manager of RadioMD.com. He added, “Health questions can arise at any time, so RadioMD.com is there 24/7 when consumers need reliable, quick references and information in the form of live online talk radio shows, with an Audio Library of on-demand and downloadable content, as well as timely health videos, articles, daily health news, blogs, and more.”

For more information, visit RadioMD.com

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