/EINPresswire.com/ UK (submitpressrelease123.com press release) Businesses in the UK could save money and improve the reliability of their data centers by properly managing computer room environments.

According to specialists at Geist, a leading provider of data center power, management and cooling solutions, understanding a business’ IT equipment cooling requirements and properly managing airflow can have considerable benefits.

Typically, almost half of all data center power consumption goes on cooling down equipment. This helps to maintain an optimal temperature, which in turn allows the hardware to perform correctly. However, by performing a cooling assessment and following recommendations with regard to optimising airflow, companies can save energy and reduce data center running costs, release stranded capacity, improve reliability and reduce their impact on the environment.

Using equipment including thermal imaging cameras and humidity sensors, Geist’s specialist technicians are able to carry out an airflow management survey and provide recommendations to businesses on where and how improvements can be made to their data center cooling processes.

Bryce Kleen, Cooling Product Manager at Geist, said: “The challenge of managing airflow can be daunting with an invisible foe such as heat. Symptoms like thermal alarms are relatively easy to detect but the real challenge is in pinpointing the source. Our tools and experience equip us to diagnose the issues and propose common sense solutions.

“The real genius behind our cooling assessment is in the simplicity. We are truly focused on the ‘low-hanging fruit’. The assessment process is quick and minimally invasive, as are the solutions. It really boils down to keeping hot and cold air where they belong – a simple concept but all too often overlooked in the common data center.”

Companies interested in saving money and increasing the efficiency of their data centers should find out more by visiting www.geistglobal.com

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