/EINPresswire.com/ He is presidential material. It is about time that he enters the national stage. He will be a cross between President Reagan and President Obama; striking the right balance.

We have found that the common factor in all great leaders is wisdom. Whether it was King Arthur, Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln or Gandhi they all had wisdom. Mayor Cory Booker has wisdom. When we first heard him speak in 2006 it was clear to us that Mayor Booker belongs on the national stage. We have felt that his talent is being wasted even though he is a mayor of a major city. The news that he is going to consider a run for the senate is good for New Jersey, for Washington, for the US and the world. Not only will Mayor Booker be a star senator he is definitely presidential material. In some respects he is even better than President Obama. He will strike the right balance between being a leader and being a hands on president.

President Obama has this unconscious urge to be the most intelligent person in the room. With his White grandparents and his Black father he has identified himself with being Black. With his grandmother telling him that Blacks are no good, President Obama has this urge to prove that he is black and he is better than any and all White! So he tries to become an expert of every last detail. He has these brain storming sessions day in and day out and as a result his physical brain gets overworked and tired. President Obama needs to prioritize what he needs to focus on and leave the details to the experts instead of trying to become an expert of every tiny detail of every major and every minor issue. President Obama over does his home work. As a result President Obama’s brain is once in a while disengaged to perform his presidential duties. Mayor Booker has no such problem. Mayor Booker’s brain, body and mind are ever ready to perform at the peak level.

In this regard he is more presidential than President Obama. He has no problem in delegating to his experts. He has no issue with people with knowledge superior to him. He follows their advice unlike president Obama who chews and digests all information tiring out his brain, mind and body. Mayor Booker concerns himself with the direction and policy implementation of issues. He provides the inspiration and passion to the whole team just as well as President Obama.

We are experts of figuring out the brain and mind issues of leaders. We were the only ones who were able to point out why President Obama failed the 1st. debate. From President Clinton to President Obama, they all have emotional baggage, Mayor Booker has no emotional baggage. A clear indication that he will make a great national leader. He will be a better consensus builder than President Obama.

It is very clear that he is a charshmatic leader who speaks from his brain/heart. He is not a typical politician who speaks what his audience wants to hear. He is an effective leader who has a clear grasp of the issues. He is a hands on problem solver. He did not hesitate to praise Gov. Christie when he agreed with the Governor’s education policies. He declined to run on Governor Corzine’s ticket. A lesser brain would have jumped at the opportunity.

We are predicting that he will win with a thumping majority and at the very least he will make one of the greatest education senators.