/EINPresswire.com/ Internal Christmas Toy Drive at Findlay Chevrolet Raises Funds for Las Vegas Kids

General Manager, Jamaal McCoy of Findlay Chevrolet in Las Vegas, Nevada and his other Managers from the dealership wanted to have a toy drive to help raise funds for needy children; however, rather than to have their customers bring in toys, the dealership decided to have their own toy drive, internally.

To Jamaal McCoy’s and everyone else’s surprise, the dealership’s employees from every department began to bring toys and bring cash to the table to help be a part of the cause.

“We were amazed of the very big hearts of our employees as everyone started to chip in and chip in and chip in. In fact, in only a few days, not only did we receive toys, we even raised $6,000.00 in cash alone!” stated McCoy.

“What really touched my heart and the hearts of our other managers was the fact that even employees who make minimum wage were bringing in cash, as much as $50 dollars! The one thing that I learned from this beautiful experience is that not only will many children of Las Vegas will be happy to receive their toys, we are even happier and so very thankful to our employees, the greatest employees in the world!”, added McCoy.

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