/EINPresswire.com/ We specialize in identifying and supporting wisdom powered brains, minds and bodies that are seeking political office. Our goal is to ensure wise leaders at the helm from senators and governors to local officials.

Putting the brain, mind and body of Senator Lautenberg under the microscope we find him clearly unsenatorial for the next term. He has been and in may ways he still is a great Senator and America will always be grateful for his wisdom and effective leadership. Even today his intellectual mind is capable and ready to perform as well as ever. Unfortunately his physical brain is clearly overwhelmed with the amount of physical labor that it has to do. The physical brain is beyond tired. His body is just as tired.

We are so confident that his physical brain and body are very tired that we would like to bet a $1000.00 that just to get out of bed in the morning it must take him more than 15 minutes. It is not his fault as age catches up with us all. Time erodes the physical and emotional readiness as it gradually burns the neural connections into a less than top mind, emotional/physical brain and body.

Senator Lautenberg’s problem is his emotional brain. His emotional brain is addicted to power. We understand that such severe addictions are very hard to give up. But just consider, if it was possible for Senator Lautenberg’s own brain, body and mind to cast a vote for his next term; his mind will clearly vote for him. His emotional brain will also vote for him. However his own body and physical brain will cast a negative vote for him running for another term.

As of right now his body and physical brain are already taking a toll on his intellectual mind and emotional brain. Every senator faces a few serious issues each day and if one cannot give full attention to every one of these issues then it is time to consider whether it is prudent to keep working for another term.

Senator Lautenberg must ask himself if there is some one out there who will be able to fill his shoes. In fact given the current physical reality of Senator Lautenberg; Mayor Cory Booker will be a much better choice for the next term.

We are hoping that Senator Lautenberg will listen to the pleas of his own body and physical brain and give his whole self a big rest break; by coming out in favor of his well deserved ‘won’ retirement. By announcing a big hearty endorsement of Mayor Booker as the next senator for his seat; he will be doing a great deed for New Jersey, America and the world; as he will be easing a wise and worthy brain, body and mind onto the world stage. Above all he will be doing his whole self, his intellectual and emotional mind, his emotional and physical brain and his body a big favor. If he decides to run again, he will be punishing his entire self beyond physical pain.

After his 1st. retirement Senator Lautenberg was very miserable having to have given up so much power. He was unhappy only because his emotional brain was addicted to power. All addictions are emotional baggage problems. There is a cure for all emotional baggage. If after his 2nd. retirement he does not want to be miserable we can help him remove the fundamental emotional baggage that is causing this addiction to power. We would like to assure him that we will do all that we can to make him happy.

The time has come when New Jersey, America and the world needs a Cory Booker as a national leader with a fresh, able, ready and emotionally and physically fit brain, body and mind.


Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation/shypowerclub.com
2 Union Place
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
201 8141808