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Global Warming or Climate Change is a serious concern to every living being on the planet. As the earths temperature continues to rise year after year, it will do so regardless of political party, language barriers or borders, and has become a real topic of concern for World Leaders as warnings from the scientific community become louder and louder. In december 2012, delegates from 190 countries around the world met in Doha, Qatar for their annual United Nations meeting on climate change where most, including the United States, agreed that for nearly 20th years little has been done to combat CO2 emissions or global warming despite a treaty and every country agreeing that global warming is a problem and a serious threat to mankind.

So with glaciers melting all around the world, record droughts through out the mid west in the United States, the keystone pipeline and the Canadian Tar sands as political topics of debate and devastating storms becoming the new norm all across the country, one local business is doing all that they can to reduce their carbon footprint by all that they can.

“It isn’t as easy as I originally thought”, explains Steven Planck, owner of Blue Sky Photography, an Outer Banks wedding photographer located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. “I’m having to learn to rethink everything I do and understand how my decisions affect the environment. It’s like I have to retrain my brain.”

Individuals and small businesses, like Blue Sky Photography, even if they make the smallest eco-friendly decisions, can have lasting, compounding positive feedback on the environment. Small things like choosing to use paper grocery bags versus plastic or even better yet, bringing in your own reusable bags, can and does make a difference. Choosing to buy an eco-friendly compact car as apposed to a gas guzzling SUV, will make a significant difference on the environment and your pocket book every time you go to the pump.

“The truth for us, is that we do wedding photography in the outer banks of North Carolina and at first, it wasn’t easy coming up with ideas on how to be more eco – friendly, but with time, we learned. We got it. Some of the things we’ve explored over the last six or seven months since making this commitment to being more environmentally friendly, was to simply open the blinds more during the day to let in more light thus allowing us to turn off some of the lights while we’re open for business, we switched to longer lasting light bulbs, we’re now recharging our camera batteries, flash batteries and our cell phone batteries using solar power, we’ve created a green wedding photography package, we’re looking into Geo thermo heating and cooling for our offices and studio, we use scooters which get 90mpg for quick, local trips to the grocery store, Staples, the post office and to pick up lunches, and we’ve even gone as far as to allow employees to work from home instead of driving 10, 15 or 30 miles to work, only to do the same thing again at the end of the work day,” says Planck. “We’re making baby steps.”

Blue Sky Photography is a portrait and commercial photography studio offering high end, reputable and professional Outer Banks beach wedding photography to a wide variety of wedding and commercial clients throughout the Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk, Corolla, Nags Head, OBX area. The Outer Banks photography of owner Steven Planck, has been seen on television and won numerous awards over the last 3 years and has over 12 years professional experience working with brides and grooms to capture those “I do” moments, and is recognized as one of the areas premiere wedding photographers.

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