/EINPresswire.com/ Bend, Oregon – December 21, 2012 — Today, ROAR, a pioneering company in trust-based, data-driven business and customer relationships begins its quest to end the world of mere customer satisfaction and begin the world of customer relationships.

This shift being initiated by ROAR from satisfaction to relationships is not subtle, nor mere feel good stuff. It is a significant change in the way customers and businesses will work with each other based on trust from greater information transparency and the benefits this creates.

Using its cTRU technology, the Bend, Oregon-based ROAR supports the development of great relationships between customers and companies so that both get more from each other. ROAR’s cTRU technology helps businesses understand customers better, provide them more targeted experiences that lead to customer trust, loyalty and advocacy through a continuous relationship monitor.

For customers, ROAR provides them information they can trust when making important decisions, beginning with the car buying experience. Yes, a lot of information and opinion is out there for customers to use in making their decisions. But much of it is not reliable due to low counts. Or worse, it is false, faked, or altered. ROAR’s cTRU technology will eliminate this problem and provide customers information they can trust.

“Customers are using opinion and rating information more than ever to purchase products and services. But the information they are using is highly suspect and that’s bad for customers and the businesses being reported on,” states Christopher Mills.

ROAR will benefit both customers and businesses by providing each the best information about the other for the best decisions to be made by both customers and businesses. The best decisions by both sides is a foundation for a great relationship.

Through years of experience, and its cTRU technology, ROAR will end the era of long annoying customer satisfaction surveys, bad ratings information, and the feeling that companies don’t care about their customers. “It’s a big mission, but it is a tremendous opportunity, and the ROAR team and our technology is up to it,” added Mills.

We know both customers and businesses are pulling for ROAR to accomplish its mission.
For more information regarding cTRU and ROAR, please visit http://roarinc.com.