/EINPresswire.com/ Two leading international investors and economist reveal their opposing predictions of the best and worst sectors to invest in 2013 with the Sports Trading Club hailed as a rising star.

In his book “How to Make Money in Stocks,” famed investor and founder of the Investor’s Business Daily publication William J. O’Neill suggested that the performance of the sector and industry in which a stock is categorized ultimately determines one-third of an individual stock’s performance.

In other words, just by picking the right industry (or avoiding the wrong one), an investor is well on the road to solid profits.

Since that statement, some studies have shown that a particular sector’s influence can approach 50% of a stock’s overall movement. Either way, the lesson is clear — sectors matter.

With this in mind, some clear sector trends have emerged in the past four quarters that investors should consider as we head into the new year.

William J. O’Neill in the The Wall Street Journal predicts the 2013 US HOT STOCKS: Sony, Aegerion, Groupon, Chevron, Toyota, AT&T

However, Peter B. Kenen, a leading international economist and an expert on the Eurozone said that sport and prediction markets are the way of the future. “Forget the stock and futures market, there is more truth and transparency in sport and prediction trading,” he said.

“The stock market is seriously contemptuous of investors, whereas there is a truth and transparency to sports trading,” said Professor Kenen, the Walker Professor of Economics and International Finance Emeritus at Princeton University, who taught at Princeton from 1971 until 2004, and continued to teach part-time until 2011.

“My hot pick for 2013 is the global emergence of the Sports Trading Club as a rising star,” he said.

Sports Trading Club is the rising star of alternative investments. specializing in sport and prediction markets.

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