02/22/2013 (press release: skalaluhi) // San Diego, CA, USA // Stephen L. Kalaluhi

Officially launching on Thursday, February 21st, 2013, LEADR12:8 Consulting Group exists for the sole purpose of strengthening the organizational leadership of the local church. Founded by Stephen L. Kalaluhi, LEADR12:8 Consulting Group started as a research project designed to measure leader effectiveness as perceived by volunteers. Not only did this research prove that a strong moderating relationship existed between leader style and perceived leader effectiveness, Stephen L. Kalaluhi also identified a gaping hole in the available literature as it pertained to volunteer-driven organizational development.

Stephen L. Kalaluhi is a thought-leader in the area of volunteerism and believes that true leaders can only emerge in situations and contexts where the leader is able to rely on nothing more than their own leadership skills and abilities. With an extensive mix of experience and education attained from ministry, military, and corporate leadership roles, Stephen L. Kalaluhi, and LEADR12:8 Consulting Group, is uniquely positioned to partner with the local church to provide dramatic growth and dramatic change, while simultaneously creating significant return on investment for the partner organization.

Outcomes that partner organizations will achieve include:

• Increased volunteerism as individuals connect at a deeper level with their leaders

• Decreased volunteer turnover due to leaders more fully understanding the needs of their volunteers

• Higher level of commitment across all volunteers of the organization

• Greater sense of ownership as leaders learn to truly empower the volunteers within their organization

• Higher levels of “buy in” as leaders gain higher levels of trust amongst their volunteers

• Knowledgeable and educated leaders who are capable of getting the most out of their volunteers

• Open and meaningful communications between leadership and volunteer staffs

• Positive perception that your leadership team truly cares for your volunteer staff and desires to give the best leadership possible

Relevant Link: www.LEADR128Consulting.com


For further information regarding Stephen L. Kalaluhi, or LEADR12:8 Consulting Group, please contact Stephen via email at [email protected], or call 888-532-7771, or visit www.LEADR128Consulting.com.

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