/EINPresswire.com/ Smoque, LLC is a Chicago based electronic cigarette retail store. They offer a courtesy lounge for customers to sample their e-cigs and hand-crafted e-juices in a clean, comfortable environment. Smoque offer a unique opportunity to experience e-cigs for the first time.

Smoque Vapor Lounge Opens in East Lakeview, Chicago

CHICAGOLAND (April 3, 2013) – Imagine the satisfaction of smoking without the stench, the second-hand smoke and the cancer-causing agents. This is the dream that Smoque is bringing to Chicago with their lounge opening this week. The concept is novel: a comfortable environment where patrons can try custom in house blended electronic cigarette flavors, a lounge atmosphere to enjoy them with a cup of coffee and friends, and a knowledgeable staff to educate customers regarding the merchandise. With over 30 smoking flavors, called e-liquids or e-juices, to choose from, Smoque will give their customers endless customization options including tastes, hardware, and nicotine levels. These new e-cigs replace traditional cigarettes with a wide range of flavors, cost savings and natural ingredients. Smoque will redefine the smoking experience.

Jared Yucht explains, “The years of trying to fill a void in the market for smoking products that meet changing social circumstances have now been met!” Yucht has taken his many unhealthy, addictive years of smoking cigarettes, along with his seven years of reluctant and wanting abstinence, and discovered he can get satisfaction without guilt. “I always enjoyed the stimulation of smoking even while knowing it was bad for my health. When I had children I made the obvious choice to quit, but the cravings were always there. One day my wife was given a free sample electronic cigarette that she shared with me and I never looked back.” Although the idea of a “healthy cigarette” is not new and there are many similar products offered nationally, Smoque is different because they provide hand-crafted e-cig flavors, a clean, safe environment and state of the art e-cig hardware.

The complimentary Smoque vapor lounge, newly renovated to include comfortable seating and a warm friendly atmosphere, provides an opportunity for individuals 18 and older to try a new concept in smoking fulfillment, e-cigs, without the stigma, odor and harmful by-products cigarettes represent. Smoque, the alternative to quitting, will be a unique addition to the East Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.

About Smoque, LLC

Smoque is an electronic cigarette retail store located in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview East neighborhood. The complimentary Smoque vapor lounge provides an opportunity for individuals 18 and older to experience a new concept in smoking fulfillment, e-cigs, without the stigma, odor, and harmful by-products cigarettes represent.

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