/EINPresswire.com/ StartupValley Encourages Entrepreneurs and Investors to Participate in Global Crowdfunding Day

President Obama made history when he signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act into legislation on April 5, 2012. To celebrate this pivotal move forward for early-stage businesses, April 5, 2013 will be recognized as the first Global Crowdfunding Day. StartupValley supports this celebration and encourages entrepreneurs and investors to prepare for the launch of equity crowdfunding in 2013.

StartupValley.com is an equity crowdfunding platform created specifically for technology startups. The website remains in beta while the SEC finalizes the rules and regulations of equity crowdfunding, but it allows entrepreneurs and startups to create individual profiles which can include: pitch details, general company information, video and document uploads, and live updates. While investors cannot yet exchange capital for an equity stake in a start-up, they may sign up for free to receive updates and “follow” pitches of interest.

“We encourage entrepreneurs and investors to show their support for crowdfunding by pitching and following startups on April 5, 2013. We hope to celebrate Global Crowdfunding Day with the next generation of tech startups and potential future investors. I welcome anyone with a passion for technological innovation to visit our site,” said Daryl H. Bryant, founder and CEO of StartupValley, as well as an executive member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association.

CEO of Crowdfundingroadmap.com, Ruth Hedges explains the establishment of Global Crowdfunding Day:

“Crowdfunding shows us how we’re all connected by the power of our dreams and our ability to manifest and fund those dreams. I created Global Crowdfunding Day to unite us universally so we can act together for 24 hours around the world and support those who dare to innovate and take on the challenge to create the jobs every economy desperately needs.”

To create a pitch, receive updates or learn more about equity crowdfunding, visit StartupValley.com.

About StartupValley:
StartupValley is an equity crowdfunding platform focused specifically on tech startups. The website is currently in beta, but will allow non-accredited investors to provide early-stage investments to these businesses once the SEC finalizes the equity crowdfunding model. StartupValley is an accredited crowdfunding platform through the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS) program and maintains membership on the CfPA and CFIRA.

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