/EINPresswire.com/ LONDON, April 11, 2013 – AAN-NETWORK, a global advertising and enlightenment network has today announced the launch of FREEVIEW NEWS app for Androids Phones and iPhones.

Freeview News is a mobile news app that delivers breaking news content within minutes of an event happening anywhere in the world. News is displayed as a combination of news summary (text) and picture content capturing each news event in a user friendly manner, users have the additional option of reading the full narrative from the original source.

This revolutionary News app has literary transformed the way news is presented on millions of Smartphone today. It uses a technique called ‘news algorithm filtering’ to filter news content into different categories. News categories include World News, Middle East News, Africa News, Asia News, World Sports and World Politics. In addition, Freeview News app also presents the latest developments in popular subjects areas including fashion, entertainment, music, business and stock markets worldwide. The apps news content is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

The findings of a qualitative survey conducted on March 21, 2013 by the Network confirmed 94.54% AAN Members prefer filtered news content while less than 5% said it was not important.

Sofia Barnett, Senator Crown, UK said “the sliding menu at the status bar (bottom) makes the app very user-friendly and certainly one of the best news apps today”

Freeview News app also provides the facilities to send money anywhere in the world courtesy of Western Union, purchase designer items from Mefe Boutique, an online boutique store (www.mefeboutique.com) and book flights from leading airlines worldwide.

“One of the biggest benefits Freeview News app offers advertisers is the ability to profile potential customers interested in their products or services.”– Ken Uwotu, CEO AAN Network


• The app does not fail when a network isn’t available, while you won’t get the latest news status when a connection isn’t available, you will be able to view the most recently downloaded news content.
• Its search engine is designed to give users a fast page load experience (the speed at how quickly your page loads is also subject to your network connection)
• This powerful app has built-in sharing capability with today’s most popular social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and also allows users to access your address book and share articles, photos and videos via e-mail.

The AAN-Network is also offering a lucky news enthusiast the chance to win an iPhone5; people who LIKE the AAN Network (International) facebook page between April 5th and Oct 1st, 2013 will automatically be entered for the draw.

Download FREEVIEW NEWS app (free of charge) from Google Play store (Android) or Apple stores worldwide (iOS) by searching for ‘FREEVIEW NEWS’ at the stores.


AAN Network is a News delivery service that provides an extensive platform for advertisers to reach targeted audiences worldwide. Publishers seeking to partner with this exciting and innovative organization to expand the FREEVIEW News app project commercially should contact the CEO.

For more information on the CEO, visit Worldwide Who’s who. AAN Network Twitter handler (@aannetwork)

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