/EINPresswire.com/ LeaderQUEST announced the move to digital courseware for all CompTIA courses including A+, Network+ and Security+ as of April 1, 2013.

LeaderQUEST, an IT career training provider headquartered in Denver, announced it would provide all CompTIA courseware for A+, Network+ and Security+, through publisher, AXZO Press, in digital format moving forward. Supported by data regarding trends in e-reading, the company has cited several reasons for the decision, highlighting benefits to clients, cost savings, as well as green initiatives.

The ownership of e-book reading devices in U.S. has risen to more than 30% and more than one fifth of American adults reported reading at e-books within the last year according to Pew Research’s Internet and American Life Project report on e-reading, released in December of 2012. In a similar report from 2011, Pew’s Reading Habits Survey indicated that an overwhelming 83% preferred e-books over print when it came to speedy access and portability.

“The digital format offers a number of direct benefits to our clients”, explains Bruce Stassen, Vice President of Operations and Controller at LeaderQUEST. “Textbooks on technology are dense with information so having the ability to search course books by topic or key words is critical to quickly finding or referencing key pieces of information. The online access allows the information to be flexible, completely mobile and even connects users with live mentors.”

Stassen expects to see operational improvements as well. Moving to e-books is expected to improve the course enrollment process,enabling clients to register for courses up until the start date. Currently, enrollments often face restrictions due to back-ordered courseware or delayed shipments. “Provisioning clients with e-books renders an immediate cost savings of more than 50%”, explains Stassen. “The operational efficiencies are expected to increase that number, allowing budget to be reallocated towards expanding the career training and professional development programs.”

Like many others, LeaderQUEST is supportive of the environmental benefits e-books carries with it. According to studies by the Green Press Initiative, paper is the 4th largest industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and an estimated 30 million trees are used each year to make books sold. “Technology changes so quickly that it just doesn’t make sense to waste trees on printed material that will become irrelevant in a couple of years anyway” says Stassen.

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