/EINPresswire.com/ Slickplan, an online application to build, edit, and share professional looking sitemaps quickly and easily, has been selected as an Official Honoree in The 17th Annual Webby Awards in the Utilities & Services category.

Among 11,000 American applicants for the 2013 Webby Awards for Internet innovations, Slickplan was placed in the top 15 percent to be a nominee of the Official Honoree class for its latest advancement in the Mobile & Applications arena.

In that category’s Utilities and Services class for Tablets and Other Devices, the Webby’s organizers for the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences placed Slickplan’s user-friendly sitemap-construction application among the company of some heavy hitters in the field — from CloudOn, Podio, Thomson Reuters Eikon HD and SlideShark to iMemories, Proloquo2Go, Gule Sider and App for iPad.

The contest, now in its 17th year, chooses two winners from each category — one from the judges, the other from the people. Last year, 1.5 million Webaholics from more than 200 countries cast their votes for the People’s Choice Webbies. To vote for this and any other category, regular citizens can find the online ballot at the Webby Awards website.

A product of Awmous LLC, Slickplan has quickly grown to serve some 50,000 registered users across the globe. With an intuitive interface the company’s information architects and computer engineers pledge is designed to “make work feel like play,” the application has won over legions of fans for allowing them to easily remove, add and alter sitemap components with on-screen button commands that allow work that used to require more dedicated systems to be performed on the fly. That’s not all: The application’s editing functions make quick work of processes that before would require many man hours of time.

This isn’t the first accolade the Slickplan application has received, just the latest. Last April Slickplan was a finalist in the “App It Out”, contest in Las Vegas at the FWD (Future of Web Design) conference. The company has also received laudable critiques from some of the most respected techie websites in the world, from SmashingApps.com, Scommerce.com and MakeUseOf.com to Techie-Buzz.com, AppSheriff.com and TechieBuzz.com. WebAppers.com stated that, while the app is “perfect for professionals, its simplicity allows anyone who needs a basic flowchart to use it.” Mission accomplished.

Slickplan makes sitemap design a piece of cake. The company offers visually stunning sitemaps which can be created in seconds. Send the sitemap directly to potential clients via an HTML link or exported PDF. When completed, easily generate the HTML as an unordered list and insert it into the page. Ideal for web developers, great for company flowcharts and organizational data.

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