/EINPresswire.com/ With the summer looming on the horizon it’s the ideal time to start getting excited about a season filled with festivals.

Whether partiers are preparing to push through the crowds for a front of stage view, or want to lay back and enjoy the dulcet tones from farther afield, there are a few important tips to remember. Direct Travel Insurance want to ensure that people stay safe when travelling to European festivals this summer:

Be prepared to get dirty

There are hundreds of festivals being played across Europe in the summer season, and regardless of whether they’re located on a beach or in a muddy field, they all involve a little dirt. Glastonbury is notorious for its mud and Benicassim will leave revellers with sand everywhere. Part of enjoying a festival is allowing standards to slip a little, and when camping, individuals need to remember that they’re very likely to get rather dirty.

Pack the right essentials

It’s all too easy to pack half the kitchen sink, but travelling light and taking the right things is essential. Items such as baby wipes, a small torch and a few rolls of toilet paper, are always a good idea. There’s no doubt that some people are going to have hangovers, so bottles of water and some painkillers are also important. For campers, make sure to remember the tent pegs, sleeping bags and roll mats.

Camp in the right place

Getting a good camping spot can make or break a festival, so aim to arrive early to get the perfect place. If the weather is going to be hot, try to find some shade as there’s nothing worse than waking up with a hangover in a blisteringly hot tent. Whilst camping near the toilets might seem a good idea at first, it quickly loses its appeal as the smells and queues start to build. Therefore, try to pitch tents away from a main thoroughfare so that when sleep is finally needed, it’s as quiet as possible.

Leave the gadgets at home

Turning up to the festival with a stereo, tablet computer, smartphone and all the other gadgets that fill everyday life might seem like a good idea, but it’s best to avoid bringing such items. It’s hard to police camping sites, and gadgets easily draw the attention of thieves. Meanwhile, the last thing anyone wants to do is to scratch their tablet screen with sand or drop their phone in the mud. If gadgets are taken, ensure that holiday insurance is held so that if the worst happens, items can be replaced.

Stay healthy

It’s very easy to get carried away at festivals and spend several days non-stop drinking. Regular party-goers know that to enjoy the entire festival, there has to be some downtime. It’s important to eat and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and well. The last thing anybody wants is to collapse halfway through the party.

Take some cash

Trying to decide how much cash to take to a festival can be hard. On-site cash machines will normally charge a fee for withdrawals, so they’re best avoided. However, leaving large amounts of cash in tents is not a good idea either. It’s good practice to look at a festival’s website and work out what food, services and entertainment are on offer before leaving for the event. This will help determine how much cash revellers will need, so that they don’t run out of cash but are not attracting the attention of thieves.

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