/EINPresswire.com/ ItsMyChance.com, a brand new concept in the world of online gaming and selling, has today announced they will be offering unlimited plays for a single ticket purchase.

ItsMyChance.com, an exciting new evolution in the world of online sales and gaming, has today announced a fundamental change to the way the website works. Visitors will now have an unlimited number of plays for a single ticket purchase. Previously, gamers had to purchase under a ticket-per-play plan.

According to CEO Joseph Bonavita, “We’re really excited about this change. With unlimited plays, there will be more competition than ever before. Now the players won’t need to worry about practicing as much ahead of time. I know plenty of users play the sample games and get pretty high scores, but when they log in to play for an item, their score may not be as high. Having unlimited plays will allow them to practice as they play.”

ItsMyChance.com truly lives up to its name, both for sellers and those who want a chance to buy/win items they would not be able to purchase under normal circumstances. The brainchild of Joseph Bonavita, ItsMyChance.com was created in response to the deteriorating economic situation across the country and the world, to provide a way for sellers and buyers to connect in a unique, mutually beneficial way.

This patent-pending platform provides anyone with the means to list items for sale at no cost. They simply add the item through the Submit page. Items can be anything from electronics to big-ticket purchases like houses and cars. Players purchase tickets to play games of skill in which they can win those items. The new unlimited plays feature allows players to earn higher scores and win more items, all with the purchase of just a single ticket per item.

To learn more about ItsMyChance.com, to list an item or to play to win, visit http://www.ItsMyChance.com.

About It’s My Chance, LLC: It’s My Chance, LLC is a brand new concept. This platform combines games of skill (not luck) with the ability to buy and sell items in an open market. Sellers list their assets (including homes, vehicles and other “big ticket” items). Buyers purchase tickets to play and win those assets. It’s My Chance offers a helping hand to both buyers and sellers.

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