/EINPresswire.com/ Young guitarist performs with guitar legends including Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy at the 2013 CrossRoads Guitar Festival

The old joke goes: “how do you get to Madison Square Garden?” and the reply has usually been: “practice!” …. But for fourteen year-old guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Quinn Sullivan, the answer takes on new meaning. After years of practice, touring and performances on some of the world’s iconic stages such as the Hollywood Bowl, Montreux Jazz Festival and Red Rocks, the answer is “perform at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. “

The New Bedford, Mass. native, a protégé of legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy, performed on April 11,2013 to nearly 20,000 newly christened fans during a red-hot set featuring Guy, pedal steel wizard Robert Randolph and Buddy’s Damn Right Blues Band to two standing ovations.

Buddy Guy remains one of Quinn’s biggest boosters, having said on the record in no uncertain terms, “You don’t come across talent like this every day. People called Ray Charles a genius? I think you’ve got another one here.”

Sullivan’s emerging career is also gaining steam: a new CD due out June 18 on SuperStar Records that’s produced by Grammy winner Tom Hambridge, his Getting There Tour this Spring/Summer of the US and Canada, a brand new website found at www.quinnsullivanmusic.com and, of course, potentially millions of new fans courtesy of the CrossRoads Guitar Festival and his Madison Square Garden performance. The Crossroads official Twitter feed said: “Quinn Sullivan is SHREDDING it on stage! Who knew they made musical talent this young?”

Quinn Sullivan said, “I’m living my dream every day, learning from the masters and looking forward to playing for everybody on the new tour. Performing with so many guitar greats at the CrossRoads Guitar Festival is an incredible experience and I thank Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and the concert producers for allowing my rock ‘n’ roll dreams to be realized.”

For more, go to quinnsullivanmusic.com.

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