/EINPresswire.com/ Businessfundingtoday.com (A division of Houston, TX based Head Start Business Consulting) raises $15 Million for a client real estate project in a company record 24 days. Roger Trivelli, Managing Partner of Head Start Business Consulting, discusses the successful offering.

A multimillion dollar private placement offering via Regulation D 506 typically involves months of dedication and hard work to fully fund. There is a great deal of traveling, wining and dining, and presentations that must be tackled before investment firms and fund managers pull the trigger on investing in Regulation D offerings.

Regulation D 504, 505, 506 offerings are notoriously high risk/high return investment vehicles. In the age of crowd funding and the SEC’s current hesitance in passing legislation allowing and regulating crowd funding sites, Regulation D offerings remain the only legal way to raise funding via multiple private investors through the sale of shares on at the private level. While these offerings remain high risk/high return investment options, they are not exclusive to simply risk takers and gamblers, but many fund managers and investment firms look to diversify their portfolio via these offerings.

Businessfundingtoday.com (a division of Head Start Business Consulting, LLC based out of Houston, Texas), recently closed a $15 million dollar real estate offering in a 24 day time period. This feat is very rare as most private placement offerings rarely even receive replies in the first 3-4 weeks of being distributed.

Roger Trivelli, managing partner of Head Start Business Consulting, LLC. gives all the credit to his firm’s drafting department. “While I am traveling worldwide pitching our client offerings nearly 4 months out of each year, the fact remains that going out there and pitching these private placement offerings is the easy part of the funding process. Obtaining interest from investment firms and fund managers is the difficult part. On this particular offering I give full credit to our documentation drafting department which consistently creates private placement memorandums which not only meet all regulations, but more importantly capture investor’s interest.”

A Regulation D Private Placement Memorandum consists of SEC and State disclaimers, business model, five year projections, ROI analysis, subscription agreement and investor suitability questionnaire. It is the only document which prospective investors will receive, and as a private offering no follow up email or phone solicitation can take place. The Private Placement Memorandum document must persuade perspective investors to invest in the offering.

When asked about template based and attorney drafted Private Placement Offerings, he could not hide his frustration in poorly constructed and written private placement memorandums, “I have been in this industry for nearly 15 years, and remain shocked at how many of our clients present us with template based or attorney created private placement memorandums which are difficult to follow and simply a bore to read. The importance of having a private placement memorandum which captures the imagination of investors while meeting all State and SEC regulations cannot be understated, and I remain at a loss when speaking to clients who believe otherwise.”

With a $15 million offering closing in less than 4 weeks, perhaps companies releasing private placement offerings should start to follow Mr. Trivelli’s advice.

Head Start Business Consulting, LLC was launched in 2005 in Houston, TX. The company’s divisions include: www.headstartbusiness.com www.businessfundingtoday.com and www.fundingdocuments.com Since 2005 the company has assisted clients with documentation and fund raising in excess of $2 Billion dollars.

Paul Harris
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