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Is your newsletter designed for a purpose? The question may seem like one that most small businesses, organizations, corporations, and others would have an obvious “yes” response for. However, this is not always the case. When one decides to send out a newsletter, they often focus so much on the purpose of the message that they forget about integrating purpose driven design.

What is purpose driven design? It is exactly what the name implies, design with purpose. Elements of this go far beyond the written message and include size, color, font format, and other design elements used that would make a newsletter most appealing to a target audience.

Marketers typically take time to learn things about their target demographic that aid in the development of effective marketing strategies. This should include what an audience’s tastes are when they are handed materials like newsletters. Do they respond better to light, dark, dull vivid, or earth tone colors? Are they more receptive to cursive or print style fonts? Do they like to read messages in columns or spread out lines? These questions may seem tedious and for some outright comical; however, the answers to them are actually important things to consider.

Print Pelican is a newsletter printing company that understands the value of purpose driven design. The company is highly experienced in offering effective design solutions for customers with printing projects large and small. Professionals can contact Print Pelican for a one on one consultation about effective newsletter design, or helpful design tips for practically any printing project.

Contact the Print Pelican team today to request a free quote on your important printing project, and be sure to ask about how to receive free printing.

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