/EINPresswire.com/ Emerald Pool Supply will be hosting a summer kick off BBQ to celebrate the beginning of swim season and Zodiac Days on April 27th. Zodiac Days is a once a year four-day discount period for all Zodiac products.

Emerald Pool Supply has announced that it will be hosting a summer kick off barbecue to celebrate the beginning of swim season and Zodiac Days on April 27th. Zodiac Days is a once a year four-day discount period for all Zodiac products. Emerald Pool Supply will be BBQing some great food, raffling off great prizes, offering discounts on storewide pool supplies and starting Zodiac Days; find out more about the event and the offers by accessing http://www.emeraldpoolandspa.com.

“It is the only time of the year that we are allowed offer these discounts, for these 4 days of 2013 customers will get the best prices on Zodiac products. It’s crazy, right,” says Emerald Pool and Spa owner, David Fladhammer. He continues, “Zodiac has complete control over supplier prices, so this makes it impossible for us to offer discount prices without their permission. But starting on the 27th of April, the day when we also host a summer kick off barbecue, we will be offering discounts on a wide range of Zodiac Pool Cleaners.”

Zodiac is known as the leading manufacturer of Automatic Pool Cleaners and Equipment. Zodiac expansive product line includes Polaris®, Jandy® and Baracuda® in their cleaning portfolio.

This is the best time to purchase one of these Zodiac cleaners. The experts at Emerald Pool Supply know everything there is to know about these cleaners. Different cleaners work best on different pool surfaces or water types and Emerald Pool Supply will ensure that customers get the right product.

“Swim season starts early in Phoenix and we are celebrating with a Summer Kick Off BBQ and starting our Zodiac Days promotion,” says Emerald Pool Supply Jacob Fladhammer. “So it’s one more reason for us to celebrate. We invite everyone who loves pools, summer, barbecues and sales to join us at the party and save from our discounts. There will be food, raffles, and great storewide savings to get customers excited about swim season.”

Among the products that are going to be on sale are also included:

$140 off the full price of the Baracuda T5, an in ground suction side pool cleaner

$200 off the full price of the Baracuda MX8, a pool cleaner with cyclonic vacuum technology

$20 off the full price of 50lb bucket of tabs

The summer kick off barbecue starts on Sunday, at 10.00 am and will last for as long as the guests enjoy the party, announced the company’s representatives. In addition to that, those interested in buying pool cleaning products on sale can now do it during weekends, as the store is open on Sundays as well (on a 9am-3pm schedule).

“We want everyone to stop by on April 27th for free food, prizes and some of our best offers of the year,” explains Mr Fladhammer.

Those interested in finding out more about Emerald Pool Supply, about their summer celebrating barbecue day or about the 4 day discount period for Zodiac products and storewide sales can access http://www.emeraldpoolandspa.com

Emerald Pools Supply is a family owned and operated pool supply and service store located in North Phoenix. Owner, David Fladhammer has been in the pool business for over 16 years (watch him on AZTV). In 2000, he opened his family-owned and operated company, Emerald Pools and Spas, providing new pool and remodel construction, service and repair, weekly maintenance, and now retail pool supplies. David says, “The foundation of my business values is built on customer service and integrity.” Emerald Pool Supply has built a reputation of personalized customer service and local Arizona know-how.

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