/EINPresswire.com/ Keith Thomson, a financial advisor and charitable giving advisor based in Toronto, recently commissioned an exclusive work of art from artist Hugh MacLeod.

Keith Thomson, a philanthropic financial advisor based in Toronto, recently commissioned a unique “Gapingvoid” piece from cartoonist and artist Hugh MacLeod.

The piece, a 40×40 illustration printed on metal, depicts the words, “That’s why we’re here – to make a dent in the universe.” The work perfectly illustrates Keith’s passion for philanthropy and his core belief: that each person’s purpose in life is not simply to find happiness but to make a difference in the lives of others and the world at large.

“I absolutely believe we are here to find meaning in our lives and help others to do the same…everything else is secondary. I find that Hugh’s art has helped me do just that, and as such, especially resonates in the philanthropic world,” said Keith.

Keith’s strong desire to make a difference through philanthropy developed from the realization that he and his fellow Canadians owe much to previous generations. Without the enormous contributions of wealth, wisdom and hard work of past generations, today’s Canadian citizens would not be enjoying a high quality of life and success. Following this realization, Keith decided that he would dedicate himself to positively impacting others, in part through motivating them to experience the transformative psychological, health, and even financial benefits of philanthropy.

Keith commissioned the work of art, which is now prominently displayed in his office, to serve as an expression of his passion for philanthropy and as an inspiration to not only himself but also each person who walks through the door.

For more information about Keith Thomson and his philanthropic financial advising services, visit his website or call (416) 681-7152.

About Keith Thomson: Keith Thomson is an internationally recognized financial educator, author and consultant, specializing in estate and charitable tax planning. Thomson recently authored the book What Was Your Great Grandmother’s Name? – 50 Thoughts On How Canadian Philanthropy Can Transform You, Your Family And Your Community, and his numerous articles have appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail and CAmagazine. Hundreds of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and philanthropic professionals have all benefited from his instruction. By utilizing the strategies revealed in Thomson’s presentations, entrepreneurs, professionals and retirees have been able to save and redirect to philanthropic organizations over $10 million of their “social capital,” also known as taxes. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and, for over five years, was chair of The African Medical and Research Foundation. Keith has also acted in various leadership roles in the community, including as a past board member of The Toronto Community Foundation.

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