/EINPresswire.com/ Itineris signed a contract with GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland for the delivery of the UMAX™ business solution for utilities. The UMAX™ solution will support GDF SUEZ in the Netherlands in the management of its B2C and B2B customer portfolios.

Itineris, the company behind the UMAX™ utility business solution, is proud to announce that it has signed a contract for the delivery of the UMAX™ business solution for suppliers at GDF SUEZ in the Netherlands.

With the signing of a contract with Itineris, the GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland Marketing & Sales department took an important step towards the realization of its ambitious plans for the future. The UMAX™ solution will replace the current system, which in many cases no longer meets the requirements of GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland.

Edgard Vermeersch, CEO/Founder of Itineris, on the contract signing:

“After E.ON, GDF SUEZ is now the second energy company active on a world scale that – along with many other utilities – opts for the UMAX™ solution and the Microsoft Dynamics AX technology stack. We’re very proud of this choice and are happy that our continuous investments in the solution as well as the dedication of our project teams are being recognized by our clients.”

“The choice for our UMAX™ solution proves, yet again, that it is the go-to-solution for utilities both within the Microsoft Dynamics AX technology stack as well as over other competitive and more traditional platforms.”

“Well ahead of the official signing of the contract and as the deadline is sharp, we started with the first steps for the implementation. As always & like with every other UMAX™ solution implementation, we’re dedicated and committed to the success of this project and the realization of the business strategy of GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland.”

What is UMAX™?

UMAX™ is an innovative and agile (ERP/CIS) business solution for utilities and water companies. This business solution integrates crm, billing, invoicing, cash collection, meter-data, asset and service management modules in one, offering utilities the tools and processes for effective sales, increased customer contribution margins, reduced lead times and streamlined operations. By doing so, it enables utilities to take operational performance and customer experience to higher levels, while cutting costs to serve.

UMAX™ is a standardized solution, supporting all commodities, and empowers utilities to address internal and external changes in a smart and flexible way. This flexibility & agility is guaranteed as the solution is built on and certified for the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform.

Who’s Itineris?

Headquartered near Ghent, Belgium-based Itineris is an innovative 100% utility industry focused international, IT application consulting group with offices in the Netherlands and North America.

At present, Itineris may count a large number of major international utility players to its client portfolio such as e.g.: E.ON, EDF, GDF SUEZ, De Watergroep, Eneco, Delta… Itineris offers innovative software solutions – UMAX™ – built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform and related IT services for utilities within the European & North American utility industries.

Next to these two markets, Itineris’ UMAX™ solution is also available through partners in the following regions: Turkey, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia and many more.

Today, Itineris counts 200+ utility and IT subject matter experts. The company was awarded ‘Most promising company’ by Ernst & Young for its outstanding growth since 2003 and promising projects for the future.

Discover more on www.itineris.net or www.umaxsolutions.com

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