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San Antonio – A kindergarten student was placed in detention after her parents were late bringing her to school. As reported by ABC News Blogs, 6-year-old Brooke Loeffler was given the school punishment after she had been dropped off late to the Olympia Elementary School in San Antonio a third time.

Erika Loeffler, Brooke’s mother, reportedly offered to perform volunteer work so that her daughter would not be punished for being tardy, which she notes was not the fault of the child. Loeffler is quoted in the report as stating, “We tried to explain the situation to the vice principal and principal…They were very cold and not understanding of the circumstances.”

Steve Lindscomb, director of public information at Judson Independent School District (ISD), is quoted in the report as stating of the school’s tardy policy, “Each year, parents are asked to look over the policy and sign it…We have the document that they (Brian and Erika) signed off on, and they also signed for the detention to go on.”

Brooke’s father, Brad Loeffler, is further quoted as stating of his daughter, “She’s a very good student…She never causes any trouble at school. According to her teacher, they use a color system to rate their performance of the day, and she [Brooke] always gets the top color or the one right below it. She’s very polite and shy to people she doesn’t know. I don’t think she has ever caused any trouble at all.”

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