04/12/2013 // Wright Disability Firm // Wright & Wright // (press release)

Many people may not know that an interview is conducted as part of the application process for Social Security Disability. This interview is typically conducted by an applicant’s local Social Security office, either in person or by phone. The advocates of Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm? have outlined what can be expected during an interview and how you may best prepare for it.

• Time it takes – The interview lasts for about an hour, depending on how well an applicant has prepared in advance. Bringing the appropriate paperwork is helpful to ensure a successful Social Security Disability interview.

• What to bring – Documents related to info like one’s work history, medical records, and other supporting evidence to back a claim are needed.

• What will be asked – Applicants will be asked questions related to their disability, marital status, possible workers’ compensation filings, children or dependents, military service if applicable, where they have received medical care, and other things related to their eligibility.

• The person conducting the interview may also be observing how you walk, how you understand and answer the questions, how long you are able to stay seated in a chair, as well as other personal functionality traits.

• Phone interviews – For phone interviews it is important to have all related documents on hand to refer to if asked to provide names, contact information, and other information that can help answer any questions asked related to one’s disability.

Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm? is available for those who need professional support in filing a Social Security claim. The firm’s advocates can help applicants who are in any stage of the filing process, whether they are filing for the first time or appealing a claim that has already been denied. Contact Wright & Wright today for a free case evaluation and learn more about how you can receive the help you need.

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