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Many people suffer from a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). The condition, also referred to by other names such as environmental illness, is characterized by a type of chemical sensitivity that does not seem to affect others. When a person develops a sensitivity to chemicals that causes an allergic reaction in the body, they can begin to suffer a reaction to small amounts of various chemical fumes from substances like nail polish, gasoline, household cleaners, perfumes, and even tap water. Many who deal with MCS may question whether their condition qualifies them for Social Security benefits.

Some MCS symptoms can be severe enough to hinder one’s ability to maintain employment; however, to prove a limited functional capacity, the symptoms must be present in a regular ongoing basis Common symptoms associated with the condition include:

• Trouble breathing

• Headaches

• Digestive issues

• Mood changes

• Panic attacks

• Fatigue

• And other issues

It may be challenging for individuals with MCS to demonstrate that their condition is severe enough to meet the eligibility requirements outlined by Social Security that make their condition a qualifying disability. Various work environments may prove to be health obstacles, which could aid them in qualifying.

Wright & Wright, America’s Social Security Disability Firm? advocates can help those who suffer from health conditions such as multiple chemical sensitivity get answers to questions about filing a Social Security claim. The firm’s advocates are available to support those who need help whether they are filing their initial claim, or appealing one that Social Security has denied.

Contact the Social Security Disability Lawyers of Wright & Wright today if you are seeking assistance with your claim. The firm can provide you with a free case evaluation upon request.

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