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What if you were driving down a Houston freeway and your tire blew out, which caused you to swerve into another lane and hit someone else’s vehicle. Then, the tailgating driver behind you subsequently ran into you, and they became hit by the person driving behind them, signaling a chain reaction crash. These types of pileups may not occur everyday, but many Houston drivers have been involved in accidents that involved more than one vehicle.

Getting to safety is of the upmost important in any type of traffic accident situation; however, after one has taken care of their medical needs, the question remains for all parties involved, who was at fault for what happened?

In Texas, assessing fault or liability in multi-vehicle accidents is done by looking at each party’s negligence as opposed to only considering the actions of the person who may have initiated the chain reaction crash. Therefore, as in the scenario presented above, your liability in hitting the vehicle after a tire blow out, would be examined a part from the liability of the person who hit you as a result of driving too closely behind you, and so forth. In simple terms, each party would be accountable for their own actions.

If one does become involved in this type of accident, the complexities of the situation would typically warrant legal help from someone who knows how to effectively address these matters. A personal injury lawyer would be an effective resource for getting help with related injury or damage claims.

The Houston car wreck lawyers of 1-800-Car-Wreck are available to help those who have been involved in a multi-car collision or other serious accident type. Contact the firm today to request a free evaluation of your case.

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