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In the fast paced investment world the average investor trying to get better than 1.00% returns are gravitating to alternative types of investments. One of those investments has been the Forex markets.

Highly leveraged, dangerous markets, Forex is luring the average investor seeking higher returns. As more people try to enter the biggest investment game, currently over $4 trillion traded each day, there are plenty of “shysters” waiting to take advantage of the uneducated Forex trading newbie.

Without the proper knowledge of how Forex markets work the average investor can lose money very quickly. Education is key to the investor’s success in these tough markets.

Quant Junkie Network, Inc. has just released a new book aimed at providing a solid education for anyone interested in learning more about the Forex markets. The book, Forex Secrets – Successful Scalping Strategies from the Dark Side by Timothy LuCarelli walks the investor through proven money management skills and trading instruction. Mr. LuCarelli’s 25 years trading experience provides 11 strategies geared at teaching the reader proper investing techniques. Additionally he gives 11 trading secrets discovered during his many years of experience.

The book is a must read for anyone interested in day trading or learning more about investment scalping techniques. Quant Junkie Network is offering an internet only version that works on any electronic platform with an internet connection. Other electronic versions are set to follow in the coming weeks that will be distributed in Apple’s iStore, Copia Reader and many others. Hardcovers are currently available on the website and will be in book stores shortly.

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