/EINPresswire.com/ Barbecues are likely to be a big threat to personal injury over the summer months, as a predicted 3,000 people per bank holiday in warmer weather will be injured in garden-related accidents.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, this figure is based on an annual statistic of 400,000 people being involved in accidents in the garden per annum. Warm weather and a love of the outdoors is likely to see misuse of garden tools and equipment, as well as unsafe usage of barbecues resulting in burns, cuts, broken bones, and even death.

Spokesperson for Fletchers Solicitors, specialist personal injury solicitors, Richard Cole, explains: “These figures point to a lack of awareness for the potential dangers of everyday household or garden objects, resulting in personal injury. It is important that people following the safety instructions on equipment to minimise the risk of accident.”

Other contributing activities to personal injury over bank holiday periods are water-related incidents. Richard Cole continues: “We are also seeing an increase in water-based accidents occurring in the hot weather, particularly in inland water locations such as canals, lakes and rivers, where people simply jump in to cool off, going for a swim, or partaking in watersports. We are seeing an increase in trend-based accidents such as tombstoning, where people compete to see how high they can jump into the water. The problem is, accident compensation and insurance is likely to be invalid when the blame is on the victim of the accident. Companies won’t pay out if the fault is with the victim of the accident.”

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents encourages individuals to think about the health and safety aspects of all bank holiday activities before accidents can happen. If swimming, swim somewhere that is supervised such as a community swimming pool or lido. Before jumping into water, it is paramount to make an assessment of the depth, water temperature and hazards such as rocks to avoid potential injury. If staying at home, read barbecue and gardening tools’ safety manuals and follow instructions carefully.

Situations where people are likely to have less control over their personal safety is when driving. Motor vehicle accident claims are the most common in the UK throughout the year according to Personal Injury Claims Assist, and the threat of a road accident on bank holidays is particularly high, due to the large volume of traffic on the roads. Personal injury solicitors can assist in claims made for anything from whiplash to post traumatic stress disorder should the accident be deemed to be the responsibility of another party.

The role of the personal injury lawyer is to ensure the victim gets a fair and acceptable level of compensation should they be the subject of an accident at home or out and about. We emphasise the need for personal vigilance to protect people and their families from preventable dangers. While it’s not possible to stop accidents that are the fault of others, there are certain steps that can be taken to minimise self-inflicted injuries.

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