/EINPresswire.com/ Fordogtrainers.com announces bigger output volume of dog harness production. Company’s sales volume has grown considerably and this fact became a strong incentive to expand already wide range of products and their production.

Fordogtrainers keeps abreast of trends in the market of dog training and dog walking tools. The company doubles the production of multifunctional nylon dog harness that has recently became a best-seller. There is a solid explanation why this very dog harness has enjoyed so huge demand lately. First of all, the fact that this dog harness was designed by the group of experts in dog training speaks for itself. Who knows best a dog’s needs and preferences in wearing dog training tools? It is clear that dog trainers definitely know the answer to this question. It was the company’s smart move to form a team of real pros that would design and make dog training harnesses that would meet international standards of quality and safety. Every little detail was taken into account for different dog breeds to feel comfortably and safe when wearing this nylon dog harness. This product combines lots of advantages and the most important are high quality, multifunctionality (for daily walking, pulling activity and various kinds of training like obedience, off leash and agitation training), affordability and great comfy design.

Key features of this dog harness that are worth knowing:
All weather nylon material (A dog can be walked and trained no matter what weather is outside. Nylon is easy-to-care material. It is machine washable and it gets dry fast. Nylon is also noted for its specific strength and affordability).
Soft chest plate with inside padding (This feature will be greatly appreciated by caring dog owners because interior padding gives a pet extra protection of chest especially during agitation/attack training).
4 ways adjustable (It is very important for a dog harness to fit. Snug fit guarantees pet’s safety. Due to great adjustment system a perfect fit can be easily achieved.)
Easy quick release buckle (this kind of buckles are time-saving and not less reliable than conventional ones).
Soft back plate (Walking and especially training should be full of comfort, nothing should distract a pet when performing certain commands).
Solid side rings for pulling activity (Pulling is very useful for dog’s body shaping. Any dog will benefit from pulling activity).
Leash attachment D-ring (Walking in crowded places will be safe if a dog is controlled with a leash. Of course, any dog harness contains the ring for leash attachment but this one is noted for its strength, durability and rust-resistance).
Handle for total control (It will be useful in situations when a dog should be held close or restrained).
Nickel plated hardware (nickel plating ensures corrosion resistance. This means the service of the product will be longer).
Light weight (It is a huge advantage for dogs who are harnessed for a long time)
Creative design that will suit any dog of any medium-size and large breed.

Nylon dog harnesses are inalienable items for professional dog trainers and caring owners who prefer active lifestyle no matter what weather is outside. This one harness will substitute many others. It is perfect for daily wearing in any weather conditions. There is no need to overpay for many products if now great offer appears. This product should be included in dog’s training necessities of all dog owners and trainers. Everyone will benefit from having this dog harness. A pet will get comfort and safety. A dog owner won’t probably have to buy a new harness for a decade. Lots of other great dog training and dog walking gears for various activities can be found at this online store.

[ForDogTrainers.com is renowned on-line store that sells dog training and walking equipment. The range of products includes various kinds of dog harnesses, muzzles, collars, leashes, dog training bite suits, sleeves, dog bite tugs, bite builders and other dog training equipment. The staff of the company knows today demand and that is why successfully meets it.]

Kate Green

PR Courtesy of Online PR Media