/EINPresswire.com/ New York City (Submitpressrelease123.com – press release) What is freedom? For the living installation it is pure, raw, artistic freedom- freedom of expression, freedom to explore and find new forms of creation, and the freedom of expressing alternative practice. Creative freedom can be stifled in the confines of a space. The “New Museum Untapped” is bringing live action to the people!

“New Museum Untapped,” the music program for the Street Festival. “New Museum Untapped” is an afternoon of electronic music featuring artists that demonstrate a shared affirmation of experimentation and collaboration; openness to sound sources and media; and an interest in reinterpreting genres. Performances will take place from Noon-4pm at a bandstand located on the basketball courts in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Houston between Chrystie and Forsyth).

Artist and musician Michael Alan’s ongoing project The Living Installation is a raucous, riotous celebration of the body, music, art and healing. Working with live model Rose lou, paint, props, and costumes over the course of several hours, The Living Installation is a site specific performance, a sculpture come to life, and a happening turned noise concert. Alan’s performances influence his drawing practice, which becomes part of the environment in his next performance or song, creating a continuous feedback loop amongst his various modes of expression. For New Museum Untapped, Alan will move The Living Installation out onto the streets of New York City, inviting everyone to be a part of his glorious, gloppy, mutating mass of positivity.

New Museum Untapped: Music in the Park — Saturday, May 4th
Noon-4pm, Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Houston between Chrystie and Forsyth)

Also featuring: Maria Minerva, La Big Vic, Pearl Necklace, Run DMT, Tim “Love” Lee

Co-curators of New Museum Untapped: Rick Herron, Brian Traister, Kristen Wawruck, Doron Ben- Avraham, Duncan Cutler

Living Installation Promotional Support- Art for Progress, http://www.artforprogress.org