/EINPresswire.com/ To the delight of their loyal customer base, the specialists at Northside Collision have created a new platform for their customers to share their auto body shop experiences through their new website.

For over 35 years, business has largely come to the team of repair experts at Northside Collision by word of mouth. They’ve gained quite the reputation with those in the area and abroad, becoming well known for the variety of things they’re capable of doing and fixing.

With opportunity for the news to spread on www.northsidecollisionreviews.com, more people can hear about what top-notch services are offered. Featuring customer testimonials about the shop atmosphere, repair work, and friendly staff, the website sheds a new light on what Northside Collision is all about.

“We couldn’t be more excited to share our new online review portal with our customers, because it gives our valued customers a way to share their experiences with others, especially when they are looking for Northside Collision Review by other customers of ours,” says one of the shop’s specialists.

Customer priority is the focus of every transaction at Northside Collision. The addition of the new customer-oriented website is simply an extension of how they operate in the real world. He continues to say, “We realized that the internet is the forum of the future today. Giving our customers the opportunity to voice their opinions and do so online automatically is really important.”

Though the online presence is a new venture for the New York-based shop, their customer service will keep to the excellent standard of quality that customers have come to know and love. The professionals there will take care of your car as well as you do, building trust that will have you going back again and again. And don’t forget to post your Northside Collision reviews on their newly launched website, which now includes a place to post a review for the Northside Collision Camillus location.

With a team of auto-savvy technicians that specialize in all kinds of repair and maintenance, Northside Collision is the go-to auto shop for those in their area and abroad. Glass repair, paintless dent repair, brake work, and tire alignment are just a few of the wide variety of auto work they’re capable of performing. They work with only the highest technology offered in the industry, producing the highest quality results. With the new www.northsidecollisionreviews.com, customers can share their success stories with a larger audience on the internet.

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Northside Collision
(315) 699-3148

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