/EINPresswire.com/ IT Governance, the leading cyber security experts, are advising European organisations today that they should carefully assess all information security risks before welcoming or dismissing the use of Cloud computing services.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance and information security specialist, comments: “Organisations need to strike a balance when selecting cloud services and providers. They need to assess the services and security levels offered, whilst considering the nature of their own business, assets and vulnerabilities. Cloud computing is often welcomed or dismissed before all areas concerned are looked at and assessed properly”.

In an attempt to encourage the transition to the Cloud, the European Commissioner has published a strategy, titled ‘Unleashing the potential of cloud computing in Europe’, which aims to rectify cloud security reservations, whilst creating millions of new jobs and boosting the EU GDP by €160 million.

Lee Newcombe, author of Securing Cloud Services and an enterprise architect, states that “Most organisations can benefit from the improved security expertise provided when operating in the Cloud” but it is a “gross exaggeration to suggest that all Cloud providers operate to the highest levels of security”.

The ‘Cloud’ itself is a virtualisation of resources – networks, servers, applications, data storage and services – allowing the end user on-demand access. Although the idea sounds appealing to many, there is a lack of common cloud computing standards, clear contracts and the threat of security issues which has left many European organisations reluctant to move over to the cloud.

IT Governance offers a range of Cloud computing books to organisations throughout Europe, ranging from the basic to the technical that can help professionals makes a decision on their approach to using Cloud services. The whole range of Cloud security titles can be accessed at www.itgovernance.eu/c-38-cloud-computing.aspx.

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